Makkar Pure Power Mouthguard wins”Surprise Product of the Year”|Utica Cosmetic Dentist

The Makkar brand Pure Power Mouth-guard has been named the “Surprise Product of the Year” for the golf industry’s best for 2009.

It won out over the Viper Golf Tee, Geox Respira footwear, Bionic Glove, FootJoy TechSof Golf Socks, and the Robo Cup. To see the rest of the results check out the list by CLICKING HERE. The benefits of the professional mouth-guards are not limited to improving your golf game. Contact Dr. Ban Barbat at her Utica Cosmetic Dentist Office to find out more about the Pure Power Mouthguard.Source:

Performance Enhancing Pure Power Mouthguards|Shelby TWP Dentist

Can a Pure Power Mouthguard improve your athletic performance?

There are some atheletes that swear by them. Under Armour and Makkar have both put out a version on the Pure Power Mouthguard. This New York TImes Fitness article talks a little about both and some benefits. Check it out by CLICKING HERE. And visit our Shelby Township Cosmetic Dentist Office today to learn about getting your own Pure Power Mouthguard.

Are you unhappy with your smile?|Dentist Metro Detroit

Unhappy with the alignment of your teeth?

Like the shape of your teeth but feel crowding ruins your smile? If you are an adult or a teen who has completed tooth and jaw development, you may be a candidate for Invisalign. Dr. Ban Barbat offers Invisalign as an alternative to braces, which uses clear, medical grade polymer to move teeth. Unlike traditional braces, the trays are generally undetectable when worn and can be removed to eat and clean teeth.

“This comfortable, convenient method of straightening teeth is particularly appealing for adults who have professions with frequent person to person contact,” states Dr. Barbat.

One patient in the residential real estate profession postponed straightening her teeth for several years, dreading the thought of luncheons and conversations with clients and homeowners while enduring brackets and wires, caught food, sore gums and an awkward appearance. When she found Invisalign could give the same level of realignment without the hassle, her wait was over.In addition to a more appealing smile, Dr. Barbat states, “There are many benefits of straight teeth. They are easier to clean, so you have less risk for cavities and gum disease. Proper alignment also prevents strain on jaw joints and facial muscles.” She explains when everything works in unison, the potential for problems later declines, helping you avoid headaches, sore jaw joints, and worn, chipped teeth from clenching, grinding, or hitting incorrectly. Because straight teeth create a more attractive smile AND good oral health. Contact our Shelby TWP Cosmetic Dental Office today for more information.

Sleep Apnea patient Talks about his Struggles&Relief|Shelby TWP Dentist

When your wife threatens to smother you to stop your heavy snoring, it’s time to look into serious solutions!

All joking aside, when his physician recommended a sleep study for John’s heavy snoring, Sleep Apnea was diagnosed. This explained his daily fatigue, urges to nap, and feeling of not being alert. “I woke up everyday feeling tired,” he explained. Sleep Apnea is a serious problem that affects millions of Americans and is coming to light as one of the most under-diagnosed, life threatening medical disorders in our society. It is statistically more dangerous than drunk driving and has been associated with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight gain, depression and stroke.

The Greek word “apnea” means without breath.

Those who suffer with Sleep Apnea endure a nightly pattern where they stop breathing for up to a minute, then wake up gasping for air.This can occur for a hundred or more times a night. To help John (not his real name) overcome his problem and receive steady oxygen levels throughout the night, a CPAP machine was recommended by his physician. A CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure)device is a mask that fits over the face and forces oxygen into the airway under pressure.Although it serves its purpose, the CPAP almost seems medieval. Not only is it very encumbering, it limits movement during sleep and can make itdifficult to sleep. For these reasons, it is estimated that nearly 50% of CPAP users drop out of treatment. Regardless, John tried the CPAP andstruggled to become used to it. On top of that, he experienced leaks in the mask and needed to go back for several adjustments. Finally, he admitted, “Iknew this was never going to work. I wasn’t getting much more sleep than i was before because of the awkwardness of the CPAP. I’d often end up taking it off during the night for frustration.Because one’s tongue, tonsils and soft palate are directly related to night-time breathing, involvement of specially trained dentists has become beneficial to treating many Sleep Apnea sufferers. With the results of John’s sleep study and interaction with his physician, Dr. Barbat was able to develop alternative treatment, one that was comfortable, convenient and effective at the same time.Dr. Ban Barbat began by creating a custom- made mouthpiece for him at her Michigan Cosmetic Dental Office and He sleeps SOUNDLY & COMFORTABLY now!

“The Best Thing I Ever Did!”|Darlene’s Smile Makeover Story|Detroit Cosmetic Dentist

These days, it’s not unusual for Darlene to be complimented on her smile, even by strangers.

“I smile all the time now!”she states, which is something she rarely did before finding Dr. Ban Barbat.Like many baby boomers, Darlene remembers dental visits in her youth being much different from today’s care. “When I was young and had a toothache, they just pulled the tooth,”she explains. With soft enamel, keeping healthy teeth was a particular challenge. Having little confidence in her dentist of 20 years, she also admits that dental check-ups were not as regular as they should have been. Because he “did an okay job”, Darleneremained in his care while never feeling good about her smile.

After raising children and caring for her mother during an illness, Darlene decided it was her turn.

“My husband has nice teeth,” she says, “and I always felt people were looking at my teeth because they were yellow and had so many gaps.” She initially researched options to whiten her teeth, checking with several dental offices. From another dentist’s recommendation and being familiar with Dr. Barbat through the newspaper, Darlenedecided to make an appointment. Upon meeting Dr. Barbat, Darlene immediately felt positive about this new environment for dental care. After a thorough examination, they discussed whitening as well as other options to restore Darlene’s smile to good health. After learning she could recreate her smile and restore her mouth to optimal health, she became enthusiastic about proceeding.Darlene added oral sedation to have more done at fewer visits. In two appointments, her entire mouth was treated without leaving her feeling fatigued. For a highly natural look, Dr. Barbat used porcelain restorations (crowns), which provide exceptional durability and help protect the naturaltooth. Dr. Barbat also used porcelain bridges to replace missing back teeth for restored stability and function.When her treatment was complete, Darlene looked in the mirror. “I started crying and then Dr. Barbat started crying, too!”shares Darlene. “I was in awe that my smile was so beautiful! “ Darlene feels everyone made her feel so welcome and pampered. “There, you don’t really feel like you’re in a dental office.”She also describes Dr. Barbat’s care versus dental experiences of her past, “She wants to make sure you’ve gotten the best results andare happy. I’m so glad I did it.”With a flattering smile, Darlene especially enjoys wearing lipstick. “I never wore lipstick before and now I wear it all the time!” And, she has a renewed dedication to her oral health. Before, she didn’t realize crowned teeth need diligent care and was surprised when her gums bleed. With Dr.Barbat’s commitment to helping patients maintain good oral health and avoid repair, she now admits, “I’ll never miss another appointment!”Dr. Barbat states,“Hygiene visits help patients keep their teeth and gums healthy. When a person has achieved appearance goals for their smile, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to oral health. This is why Darlene’s preventive appointments are more frequent than every six months. This helps her enjoy a beautiful smile and healthy mouth at the same time.”Darlene agrees, “It’s the best thing I ever did! My smile is gorgeous!”To discuss smile enhancement or tooth replacement with Dr. Barbat at her Metro Detroit Cosmetic Dentist Office, call to arrange a consultation or ask at your next visit. “It’s the best thing I ever did!” NOW!

Sleeping Problems are Nothing To Yawn About!

If you’re not getting a sufficient amount of sleep, the end results have significant physical and mental consequences.

“As a dentist, I am concerned that many adults never associate teeth grinding and nighttime clenching with sleep deprivation,” states Dr. Barbat.For most humans, eight hours of sleep is the ideal. When sleep time is sacrificed or interrupted on a regular basis, the losses are devastating. Sleep loss has been calculated at 90 billion dollars a year due to absenteeism, car accidents, lost productivity, and medications.

As little as six hours of sleep per night can result in some serious problems, such as:

* Problems with memory or concentration* Irritability* More susceptibility to infectionSleep loss related to clenching or grinding teeth can often be easily resolved. Dr. Barbat creates a custom-fitted mouthpiece that is small, comfortable, and prevents clenching and grinding. If you are losing sleep, or feel clenching or grinding may be a problem for you (or a mate), call our Shelby Township Cosmetic Dentist Office at (586) 739-2155 to discuss this concern.

Q&A With Dr. Ban Barbat|Front Tooth Gap|Dentist Metro Detroit

QUESTION: “As a child, the gap between my front teeth didn’t bother me. As an adult, it does. How can this be repaired without braces?”

Answered by Dr. Ban BarbatAs with any patient, it is necessary to first diagnose what caused the gap to occur. Assuming that gum disease did not contribute to tooth movement, there are several ways to repair a gap between your front teeth.Depending upon the width of the gap, bonding may be the easiest method to close the space. In this process, a tooth-colored resin material is applied to the teeth. Shading is carefully matched and the surface is polished to give a natural appearance. This is the least expensive method; however, bonding, particularly on front “biting” teeth, is more vulnerable to chipping or breaking than with porcelain veneers.Porcelain veneers are customdesigned “shells” that are attached to the front of teeth. Veneers give the most durable, natural feel and appearance possible, even reflecting light as a natural tooth. This method also requires minimal disruption to the natural tooth, although the design of the veneer can reshape or resize the tooth for a more flattering look.

If teeth are badly turned or misshapen, porcelain crowns can be used to close the space.

This method requires existing the tooth to be reshaped to accept a custom-designed crown. The crown covers the top and sides of the tooth, while protecting the natural tooth portion underneath. Crowns, like veneers, give excellent longevity and have natural appeal.If the space is wide, other front teeth may need to be involved in treatment. This keeps the teeth visible in your smile to balanced proportions. Otherwise, you could end up with two, very wide front teeth that close the gap but doesn’t result in an appealing smile.After an examination at the Shelby Township Cosmetic Dentist Office, Dr. Barbat can determine which option will give you the best results. You also learn the process and fee involved. By understanding your choices, you have already taken the first step to regain a smile you’ll love!

What is the leading injury in rear-end collisions? TMJ

One of the most common rear-end collision injuries is a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injury.

This joint is very fragile and can be easily hurt during a car accident. Usually head or neck injuries are blamed for the pain but if left undiagnosed TMJ can get worse over time.

Whiplash resulting from a car accident can be a cause of the TMJ injury.

When you are hit from behind your head can go in many different directions. This happens so Fast that the neck muscles can’t relax so they don’t hold the jaw in place. The impact on the head can force it backwards and the mouth overreaches, causing further injury.Sadly, there are not a lot of medical and dental professionals that specialize in the training necessary to diagnose TMJ correctly. Physical exams that involve radiographic surveys can help diagnose your condition. After diagnosis, you can begin TMJ treatments which may include a bite splint, temperature therapy, trigger point injections, nutritional, & physical therapies involving the jaw. Contact Dr. Ban Barbat at her Michigan Cosmetic Dentist Office for more information.

Dental Tips for Arthritis Sufferers|Shelby Township Cosmetic Dentist

If you are an arthritis sufferer, you are twice as likely to develop periodontal (gum) disease.

Gum disease is the country’s number one cause of tooth loss and has been linked to serious health problems, including coronary artery disease and stroke. The Journal of Periodontology recently published findings stating adults with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) had an average 11.6 loss of teeth compared to 6.7 teeth of other participants in the study.

RA, the leading cause of disability, limits the daily activities of over 7 million Americans.

We are sensitive to the physical limitations RA can cause and hope the following tips will make oral hygiene at home easier.* Water irrigators can remove food particles and plaque between teeth.* Electric toothbrushes and floss holders can reduce the amount of effort required by he hands.* Wrap toothbrush handles with a sponge hair roller to create a more comfortable, thicker grip.* Replace knob-type faucets with levers, which are easier to turn on and off.* Insufficient saliva in the mouth increases the risk of bacterial growth. Drink plenty of water to keep your mouth moist. If you are taking medications that are drying, oral rinses are available to maintain moisture. Minimize caffeine, alcohol, and smoking, all which are drying to oral tissues.With a good oral care commitment, RA sufferers should be able to maintain a healthy smile and prevent tooth loss. If you suffer with arthritis, overcoming physical limitations to protect your smile will result in a constant reminder that you are in charge of your health! Come into our Metro Detroit Dentist Office to learn more about maintaining your dental health.