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Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guard: “All We Did Was Give Them An Extra Edge”

The Makkar Pure Power Mouth Guard has been gaining a lot of media attention, especially in the sports world.

“About 40 members of the New Orleans Saints are sporting the mouthpiece invented by Truro dentist Anil Makkar while seven players of the opposition Indianapolis Colts are also using the product.”

” “(The Saints) were already a great team.

They had all the right parts in place,” the 48-year-old Makkar said over the phone from Miami, where he’s attending Super Bowl festivities with the team and will take in the game Sunday. “I think all we did was give them an extra edge.”The mouthguard properly aligns the jaw and spine, allowing for better breathing and increased range of motion and power.It all started when Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma was fitted for a Makkar PPM last year and noticed his headaches went away. He mentioned the mouthpiece to general manager Mickey Loomis. “

To get fitted for your own personal Pure Power Mouth Guard contact Dr. Ban Barbat and her experienced Metro Detroit Michigan neuromuscular dentist team today. Give yourself that necessary sporting edge, that has been used this year by Olympic Gold Medal Winners, Super Bowl Winners and powerhouse athletes from everysport to naturally and healthily enhance their natural abilities.Source: The Truro Daily News

Want to Stop Headaches AND have the performance of a Super Bowl Champion?

You can improve performance with a custom mouthpiece created by a dentist trained in Neuromuscular Dentistry

We can’t gaurantee you will have the performance of a NFL Super Star but you will get better!In a recent ESPN Interview, Super Bowl Champion and New Orleans Saint Tracy Porter discusses their success and the Pure Power Mouthguad (PPM). The PPM is a custom fit nouth piece we provide at our Metro Detroit Advanced Dental Center located in Shelby Township.  Not only has it had proven athletic benefits and used by a majority of the team as well as super stars in other sports such as Shaq, the PPM reduced headaches for Porter as well.

Don Wurner (Wilsonville, AL, B’ham area)What was the kind of situation you were looking for on your interception? What kind of tangible benefits do you get from your PPM mouthpieces? Talk about “Finish Strong!” Who Dat? You Dat! Geaux Saints!!! from B’ham, DEWitnowTracy Porter  (12:05 PM)I was just looking to make a play on the ball and do whatever it took to become a world champion. By the preparation I put in the opportunity came about.Tracy Porter  (12:06 PM)As for the mouthguard, the benefits I see is it helps with your balance, flexibility, range of motion. It’s not your typical put in the pot and boil mouthpiece. It helps with headaches, it prevents them from happening. All around it benefits everything. You could work out with it. Lift weights. Pretty much anything you can do, you can do with the mouthpiece in.

Neuromuscular dentistry is the science behind the custom, performance enhancing mouthpiece.  If your dentist does not pay attention to your bite, find one that does today or contact us at 1-866-9-Smiles (1-866-976-4537) or visit our Detroit Dentist website

Meet Our Staff: Deb Ramsey

Meet Deb Ramsey, Our Financial coordinator at the office of Dr. Ban BarbatDeb Ramsey

Part of being social is getting to know everyone on our Team at the office of Dr Ban Barbat. You probably have seen or met Deb if you have been to our office. Deb Ramsey is our Financial Coordinator and, well, she coordinates the finances.  An essential part of the team and always there with a smile, Deb has been on the Team for 12 years.When weather permits, Deb loves Boating and riding Motorcycles to the sounds of the Eagles throughout the beautiful scenery here in Michigan.  She also is a big fan of homemade Italian food, but if heading out will try to make it to Luciano’s Restaurant in Clinton Township.Everyone at our Michigan Cosmetic and General Dentistry office is committed to your health. Deb’s tip for staying healthly“Perio [Gum] disease can be spread from partner to partner through kissing”  So if you are not taking care of your gums, you not only effect the health of your entire body, you can harm the person that is closest to you.Next time you are in the office, knock on her door and say “Hi” to Deb! with that big healthy smile!!

Dental Veneers: A New Smile For You|Utica Cosmetic Dentist

Dental Veneers can fix a variety of issues that can occur with your teeth.

Some people get veneers to fix cosmetic issues that can range from discoloration to misaligned and unusually shaped teeth. Veneers can also fix issues with teeth that are broken, chipped, or worn down. Other people get veneers to cover up gaps or overlapping teeth. They not only provide a natural looking smile but they also last about five to ten years before needing to be replaced.

If you have ever wanted to perfect your smile dental veneers could be the right choice for you.

Contact Dr. Ban Barbat and her friendly Utica Cosmetic Dentist staff today to find out more about how dental veneers can improve your smile.Source: http://www.webmd.com

Missing Teeth? Dental Implants Are The Answer!|Utica Cosmetic Dentist

Dental Implants are usually the most effective option for patients that are missing their adult teeth. Dentures rest on the gum lines and fixed bridges are anchored onto other teeth. Unlike these options, dental implants last for the long-term. Dental Implants are attached into the jawbone and eventually becomes a part of your jaw.Statistics have shown that 69% of adults aged 35-44 have lost a permanent tooth to accidents, periodontal disease, tooth decay, or root-canal failure. It also shows that 26% of adults have lost all of their teeth by the age of 74.If you have lost any of your adult teeth contact Dr. Ban Barbat; DDS, Utica Cosmetic Dentist Office, today to find out more about how dental implants can improve your life.Source: http://www.aaoms.org

5 Reasons To Smile Now|Michigan Cosmetic Dentist

5 Great Reasons To Smile1.    A smile can help lower your blood pressure. Don’t believe it? Try it next time you take your blood pressure.2.    Smiling can help boost your immune system. Smiling reduces stress, which causes your immune system to beef up.3.    When you smile you look younger. A smile can go much further than plastic surgery. Smile and watch the age fade away.4.    Smiles make us more attractive. When you smile you attract more positive energy.5.    Smiles are FREE. Not much in this world is truly free but you can improve your quality of life by just remembering to smile.If your teeth are giving you a reason to not smile contact an experienced and knowledgable dentist team like the team at Ban R. Barbat DDS, Michigan Cosmetic Dentist.