Smile Makeovers: Whats involved at my office?|Troy MI Cosmetic Dentist

“The first thing thats involved in a smile makeover is the patients goals. Every patient has something different that they want to accomplish with their smile so you have to find out what is it that they really want to accomplish. Once we know that we can do what we need to do. Usually we perform what’s called a wax-up. We make a mock, so to speak, of the smile makeover. We show it to the patient so they can see kind of the shape that their teeth are gonna be, the length, the width, all those things that go along with it so that’s kind of what’s involved. After that we start the prep work and the delivery of the case.” – Dr. Ban Barbat

Smile Makeovers: Build Your Confidence|Cosmetic Dentist Utica

“The benefits of a smile makeover are many. It improves self esteem. A lot of patients walk around very embarrassed, they don’t want to show their teeth so they don’t smile. This in turn makes them seem unfriendly. It really helps someone come out of their shell so to speak. They are able to be friendly and smile and not be so embarrassed.” Dr. Ban BarbatTo find out more about smile makeovers contact our experienced Utica Dentist Offce today for more information.

Myths About Veneers|Utica Cosmetic Dentist Office

Myths About Veneers

If you have ever seen anyone with porcelain veneers you have seen how great they can make your smile appear. You may not even realize that someone has veneers because of the way they look like natural teeth. Like any dental procedures there are ideals about them that may not be true.

The first myth is that veneers are only for your front teeth.

Veneers can be used on any of your teeth. Usually patients choose to affix veneers to the most visible teeth but the option for all teeth is there.Another myth is that veneers are out of the average person’s price range. Veneers are available through credit lines and payment plans which makes them available for more and more patients. To find out more about veneers contact Dr. Ban Barbat & her experienced staff at her Utica Cosmetic Dentist Office.Source: