Invisalign Teen Is A Comfortable, Quick Way For Growing Smiles!

There’s good news for teenage smiles at the dental office of Dr. Ban Barbat! Invisalign, the dentist’s top choice for straightening teeth without wires and brackets, is available for growing smiles as well.

Like Invisalign for adults, Invisalign Teen is an alternative to traditional braces and is generally undetectable when worn.  Invisalign moves teeth at a pace that is faster than traditional braces and can be removed to eat and clean teeth.

“Many parents remember the discomfort and awkwardness of wearing braces during their teen years,” states Dr. Barbat. “Invisalign Teen removes the misery of wires and brackets along with the self-consciousness that accompanies that look as well.”

A free consultation and examination appointment is offered for Invisalign Teen. Just call the office at (586) 739-2155.

Why National Dental Consultant Choose Dr. Barbat For Dental Work

By Elizabeth Countess, President of Practice Marketing Specialists, Inc. of Charlotte NC: “I’ve been fortunate in my career to have worked with some of the finest dentists in their fields, from dental specialists to generalists to university instructors. When my migraines first began ten years ago, I never associated them with my bite. But when I realized I was waking up every morning clenching, it finally occurred to me that I should have it looked into. I saw a TMJ ‘specialist’ in New York. He gave me some relief but, quite frankly, didn’t have the training nor the equipment to really get to the root of my problem. I knew Dr. Barbat did. I flew from Charlotte to Detroit, went to her office and in one visit learned that all my problems were caused by lower crowns that were too short. All that pain and suffering had taken place even when my bite ‘checked out’ as normal with my local dentist. She developed a treatment plan to replace the crowns and I even asked for four veneers on upper front teeth for a ‘perked up’ smile to even out my smile line. Every lower tooth was crowned – they were all prepped in one visit and the final porcelain crowns were placed in another! And the porcelain veneers as well! No migraines. No headaches. Beautiful smile! Yes, Detroit is a long way to go for dental work. But getting work done right – for good – is worth the trip. The cost was a fortune, I tell people. When they ask where I’m going on vacation this year, I tell them ‘in my mouth!’ And I have NO regrets! I believe you spend your money on what is truly of value to your life. Living a healthy, comfortable life without pain and being able to smile a big, happy smile is something that makes me happy EVERY day! There is no trip or material item as important to me as that. And, Dr. Barbat is my hero. That little package of a Dentist is the best thing that ever happened to Michigan! I am begging her to move to North Carolina!

Enjoy Eating Again With Dental Implants!

If you are avoiding social events that include food, could it be because you are afraid your dentures will embarrass you? Because so many gatherings with friends and family include food, it’s sad to have to turn down these invitations just because of an ill-fitting denture. What’s worse is that denture is compromising your ability to eat a healthy diet of protein rich meats, fresh fruits and fiber rich vegetables — all necessary for a healthy digestive system.

People who have selected Dental Implants are not limited with what they can or cannot eat. Plus, they can eat, laugh and even sneeze without worry – so social settings are a pleasure! And because Dental Implants are designed to last your lifetime, they are a wise investment.

If you’re tired of suffering with a denture and want to eat foods you love again and enjoy social outings without worry, ask Dr. Barbat to discuss Dental Implants with you. She offers a Free Consultation in a comfortable consultation room, so you won’t even have to get into a treatment chair. You can ask her questions and even speak with her Financial Coordinator if you like. Call (586) 739-2155 to arrange a time that’s convenient to you.