Missing Teeth Create Bigger Problems Than A Gap In Your Smile.

Tooth loss leads to many problems. Not only do missing teeth ruin the appearance of your smile, dentures or partial dentures  contribute to discomfort, reduced confidence, decreased ability to chew and enjoy foods, and inconvenience.  Unfortunately, tooth loss leads to greater problems with even more severe, long-term repercussions … bone loss.

Bone loss contributes to the inability to chew comfortably and a severe reduction in biting strength. When tooth roots are missing from the jaw, the bone begins to shrink.  This continues and is even accelerated by the pressure of wearing dentures or partials.

Today, many adults are choosing dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants recreate the presence of tooth roots, halting bone loss and restoring the strength of your bite.  Often, one implant can support several replacement teeth. For those who are missing a full arch of teeth, several strategically placed implants can often support an entire arch of upper or lower teeth.

Dental Implants are designed to last your lifetime.  When properly selected, placed, and cared for, they will bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction as natural teeth. To discuss your options in tooth replacement, call (586) 739-2155 to schedule a free consultation appointment.

Too Scared For Dentistry. No Problem. Let’s Talk.

We often hear from adults who haven’t seen a dentist in years, sometimes for over ten years. Some aren’t sure what triggered their dental fears but the mere thoughts of walking into a dental office causes them to break out in a sweat. Others remember an experience when they weren’t fully numb, yet the dentist continued the treatment in spite of their pleas.

No one should be uncomfortable during dental procedures, but to convince someone that we won’t hurt them requires that they feel trust in our care. This takes a series of small steps for most. We begin by encouraging high fear patients to make a consultation appointment first. During this time, they are seated in an arm chair in our Consultation Room. This room is not in the treatment section of the practice where noises or smells could make them uncomfortable.

We begin by explaining our comfort options, including Oral Sedation. This time is just a chat, however. If the patient desires, we can set up a time to show them our ‘Total Relaxation Room,’ where procedures are performed while patients relax comfortably under the effects of oral sedation. At the next visit, we do a painless examination to determine what treatment should be performed.

Each step is done at a pace that is comfortable to the patient. We make sure that they understand that each member on our staff is respectful of their concerns and will treat them with all the care and compassion it takes to help them overcome their fears.

Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy, confident smile. You’ll achieve this at a pace that is right for you because we respect you as an individual. Let’s begin with a private, no cost conversation in our Consultation Room. Call (586) 739-2155 to request one today.

As Your Dentist, I’m NEVER Too Busy For YOU!

I recently had a new patient come to our office because she felt her former Dentist was always so rushed. She told me that every time she saw him, it seemed he was too busy to discuss her concerns or answer her questions in a way she could fully understand. How sad, both for the patient and for the Dentist, whom I know to be a skilled practitioner.

The feelings this new patient shared with me reminded me of how I once felt at a physician’s office. It is not only frustrating, it is disrespectful to the patient. This is why we are so committed to providing our patients with ample time at each appointment so we can give you our full attention during that time.

On the other hand, if you have issues you’d like to discuss and you are running behind, simply ask for a no-cost Consultation. Or, you can call to request one. We’ll sit down in our Consultation room and go over the areas you’d like addressed. I’ll answer your questions so you’ll understand your choices thoroughly.

I believe dentistry goes much deeper than teeth, gums, and the supporting bones and muscles. Dentistry is also a relationship between our care and your needs, needs that are not always obvious. We need your communication to make this process the very best so your involvement here is as wonderful as your smile!

The Origins Of Your Dental Fears

For adults who have dental phobia, most can recall that their fear began after a traumatic or painful dental experience. Although painful or traumatic experiences alone don’t necessarily cause people to develop dental phobia, the patient’s relationship with their dentist plays an important role.

Most of today’s Dentists are sensitive to the concerns of fearful patients. Patients should feel an element of trust and confidence in their Dentist and that their Dentist respects their needs. Dentists who were once considered rough, uncaring, hurried or cold were found to actually contribute to high dental fear in patients, even in the absence of painful experiences. On the flip side, it has been found that those who had painful experiences did not develop dental fear if they felt their Dentist was caring and concerned about their well-being.

A traumatic experience in the past or an uncaring Dentist are not the only instances that can cause dental phobia, however. Other causes can be just hearing about the experiences or negative views of others who had painful dental ordeals; the negative portrayal of dentistry in the media, such as references to something being as painful as a root canal; association with other bad experiences that included doctors or environments with antiseptic smells; people who have been physically or emotionally abused may find the confining chair threatening; people who fear helplessness and lack of control, perhaps from an incident when a Dentist wouldn’t stop even when they were in obvious pain.

Your comfort is always a priority in our office. We offer many options for relaxation, including Oral Sedation. But first and foremost, we respect you as an individual and understand that you want a pleasant experience during every visit. That’s what we strive to give you!

‘YOU Docs’ Urge Brushing & Flossing For A Younger You!

Some people seem to look younger, have more vitality and age with vigor rather than the ebbing tide.

The ‘YOU Docs,’ Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, also the authors of YOU: Staying Young. The Owner’s Manual For Extending Your Warranty, offer a way you can actually calculate your ‘real age.’ (www.realage.com) Here, you can determine if you are living a lifestyle that contributes to a long, healthy life or discover you have habits to change in order to turn back the clock!

I found it exciting that these wise Doctors listed the following among their top three Real Age tips for a younger ‘real age’ calculation. This tip was listed as number 2 , second only to “Walk 30 Minutes A Day.”

FLOSS & BRUSH THE TEETH YOU WISH TO KEEP. Do it also for the heart you wish to nurture, the wrinkles you wish to prevent and the sexual satisfaction you wish to enjoy. And see a dental professional every six months.

The few minutes of time this requires daily makes this an excellent investment. Plus, those six-month check-ups and cleanings are designed to help you prevent problems and maintain healthy teeth and gums between visits.

Take their online Real Age test and let us know how you did!