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Beautiful Smiles Are Never One-Size-Fits-All.

I love the shows on HGTV that involve home renovations. The ‘stars’ of the shows have the ability to look at a room and envision how it can be improved for better appearance, livability and efficiency. These experts can SEE what will work best before starting work so they can plan out the many steps involved.

Finding the right ‘expert’ for a new smile is similar.

Having a beautiful smile does much more than enhance facial appearance. An attractive smile tends to boost one’s confidence and self-esteem. It projects an image to others that relays positive traits, such as good health, being outgoing, and even being successful!

Dr. Barbat with happy, relaxed patient.

Today’s cosmetic dentistry can recreate any smile to one that looks beautiful. In the right hands, that is. When you entrust the look, feel and function of your smile makeover to a dentist who has advanced skills and training, you are making a wise investment.

Having something ‘done right’ the first time is mandatory when it comes to achieving a beautiful smile. Over the years, I’ve seen new patients who had a dentist redo their smiles for bargain rates. For example, one patient had two noticeably wide front teeth. I learned her dentist added bonding material to each front tooth to fill the gap between them leaving her with a silly-looking smile.

Another new patient arrived to share how unhappy he was with the length of his ‘new teeth.’ I learned he had worn many front teeth down from night-time grinding. While the dentist placed porcelain crowns on each, he failed to recreate the patient’s smile so it was more flattering, leaving him with short teeth still.

True esthetic dentistry requires being able to envision what will work best for each patient and then creating planning it out. To communicate this, we do what we call a ‘wax up.’ This is a model of your new teeth so you can see how they’ll look before beginning treatment. And, it provides you with a plan based upon a combination of procedures chosen specifically for your best smile.

For example, for patients who want a brighter smile in addition to more attractive teeth, we recommend whitening before having crowns or veneers placed. For those who have attractively-shaped teeth but have crowding, we may advise straightening teeth prior (through Invisalign or traditional orthodontics). This moves teeth into proper positions and may decrease the number of teeth that need crowning or veneers.

In some smiles, the front four or six teeth may be all that need esthetic enhancement while other people need the front eight or ten involved in treatment. This is based on how widely an individual smiles to ensure all teeth blend in with one another.

Some teeth may do fine with bonding while others may need veneers or crowns, or a combination. Gum tissues may also require re-contouring so the smile line above teeth provides a balanced look.

As you can see, knowing what may work best for individual smiles takes experience and skills. It’s never a one-size-fits-all process. When selecting your cosmetic dentist, remember that there is more to a smile than putting crowns and veneers on teeth. There is shape, shade and size as well as bite alignment.

Let’s also talk about bite alignment for a minute. When teeth are not in proper alignment, this can create stress and strain on the jaw joints. Many people fail to associate headaches, migraines, chipped or worn teeth, clenching, grinding, ear ringing or dizziness with the TMJ, which are the joints just in front of each ear that connect the lower jaw to the skull.

By incorporating proper bite alignment techniques into treatment, you can avoid problems associated with TMJ disorders. These steps help to protect your investment and support your overall oral health.

Having the very best smile for your facial features and your oral health requires many skills. Never shop for a ‘bargain’ when it comes to your smile. Choose your cosmetic dentist based upon training, skills, experience and the treatment plan that will give you a look you’ll love! Your smile is too important to short-change!

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Improve Your Smile. Porcelain Veneers Can Make A Beautiful Difference!

In about anything these days, what defines ‘quality’ and enhances longevity begins with the material — from clothing to tires to furniture and on and on, your investment in the very best pays off by giving the results you most desire.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, the materials used and the skills of the dentist are significant components of getting the most from your investment. Most of us have seen people who have had obvious dental work – NEVER the goal! In cosmetic dentistry, the goal is to create a beautiful smile that looks like you were born with!

Smile enhancement typically focuses on the front 6 – 10 teeth most visible in a full smile. These are the teeth you want to have the most natural look and feel possible in shape, shade, opalescence (the way light is reflected) and luminosity (the opaqueness).

In most cases, we use porcelain veneers to re-create appealing smiles that are balanced to facial features. Porcelain is the closest thing in durability and appearance to natural teeth and provides the best longevity of all dental materials. Additionally, porcelain resists staining better than other materials.

When replacing fillings, porcelain can be also be used for inlays or onlays to give the most natural appearance. When laughing, for example, using porcelain means the ‘tops’ of teeth won’t reveal signs of dental work. It can be precisely shade-matched to blend into existing teeth and, again, with excellent durability.

Yet, we all know even the best materials can disappoint when applied by substandard skills or inexperienced hands. For example, investing in a beautiful cashmere coat can be a waste of exquisite material if cheap thread is used and the workmanship is shoddy.

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist for you begins with a consultation appointment. During this time, you can ask questions, such as:

• What advanced training have you had that qualifies you in cosmetic dentistry?

• How will you check my bite after this treatment to ensure a proper fit?

• How do you select the dental lab who creates the veneers (or other ‘restorations’)?

• How long have you been in dentistry and what do you do to fine-tune your skills as new techniques and materials come available?

Also, visit the dentist’s web site Smile Gallery to see some examples of before-&-after’s. Look for patient quotes on the site to see if their words are reassuring to you personally.

Patient of Dr. Ban Barbat

When visiting the dentist’s office, look to see if he or she has displayed examples of their work, either in framed photography of actual patients or in albums in the reception or consultation rooms. A dentist who is skilled and experienced is confident showcasing her work!

Porcelain veneers will give you a beautiful result, if in the right hands. Your new smile should make you FEEL wonderful and inspired to share it often! An attractive smile should also get complimented by others, even strangers! That’s a terrific feeling and a sure sign that your investment was a wise one!

Discuss your smile during a free consultation. Call 586-739-2155 to arrange a time when we can sit together and determine what may be best for you.

While you’re here, we can also have our Financial Coordinator explain easy payment plans that can help you make affordable, monthly payments while enjoying your fabulous, new smile!