Denture Price Tag Keeps Many From Modern Alternative

added on: June 21, 2015

For people who have worn dentures for years, the complaint is common. A denture that once fit well now moves when eating and causes embarrassing slips. Relines help for a time but the denture will slip again eventually. With modern advancements in dentistry, it’s not unusual to be asked why a better denture can’t be designed since the alternative is the more expensive option of Dental Implants. People want eating confidence and comfort but are lured by a denture’s lower price tag.

Trying to improve something like a denture reminds me of why people no longer wash clothes on a wash board. Even though this will accomplish the job much cheaper than a washing machine, the washing machine works more efficiently and is more practical for today’s fabrics.

The reality is dentures aren’t a good substitute for natural teeth. While they may seem better than no teeth at all, denture wearers actually endure all sorts of problems. Some of these problems are familiar to most denture wearers and others are not.

A major problem of denture wearers is the unstable fit. This is the result of the ever-decreasing jaw bone that once held natural tooth roots. Without tooth roots to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone begins to shrink, or “resorb.” The pressure from wearing dentures actually accelerates this process. When denture wearers sleep in their dentures, bone loss occurs on a 24/7 rate from the constant pressure on the jaw bone.

This is the reason you see a “granny look” on long-time denture wearers. This is when the face has a collapsed look and the chin takes on a pointed shape. Jowls form as facial muscles become detached. The entire face appears far older than the actual years of the person.

Another challenge is the difficulty in eating a healthy diet with dentures. When dentures do not fit securely due to bone loss, the constant rubbing and discomfort causes the person to opt for a soft diet of foods that dissolve easily in the mouth. These foods often lack protein and fiber. They may bypass fresh, vitamin rich fruits and vegetables along with crunchy nuts, seeded berries and delicious meats that are important to good health as well as eating satisfaction.

Not only is what you eat necessary to maintaining good health, being able to chew thoroughly and comfortably is important. We all know that digestion begins in the mouth. It is a fact that denture wearers experience a higher level of gastrointestinal problems than non-denture wearers and take more medications.

In our society, food is the centerpiece of many social occasions. Being socially active is an important part of our happiness level and overall well-being. People who are not comfortable eating or speaking because of unstable dentures often find themselves declining invitations because they fear embarrassing moments.

No matter how many advancements are made in the construction of dentures, they are simply outdated. No denture adhesive or paste and no reline will ever make a denture a good substitute for natural teeth – and certainly not a good value considering they only make matters worse by contributing to bone loss. Dental advancements have focused on implant dentistry because they provide a dependable, reliable means of tooth replacement that makes more sense.

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