Grinding Your Teeth Can Be Problematic to Your Dental Health|Cosmetic Dentist Metro Detroit

added on: November 29, 2009

If ridges on tooth surfaces look flat or you occasionally wake up with jaw soreness, you may be grinding your teeth while you sleep.

Nighttime teeth grinding is a habit of one-third of Americans and employs ten times the force of normal chewing. Not surprisingly, it contributes to problems such as loose teeth, headaches, and pain in the temples and jaw.To keep your upper teeth from rubbing against lower teeth, a custom-made mouth guard is recommended. This gives an exact fit so it is comfortable for sleeping. The firm plastic material of which it is constructed often eliminates the urge to grind.If you suspect you are grinding your teeth, or hear grinding from your spouse, call our Michigan Cosmetic Dental office at (586) 739-2155 or mention your concerns to Dr. Barbat at your next visit.

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