Advice For Ice-Chewers

added on: October 8, 2013

Although the summer season is over, there are still people who will be crunching ice throughout the day. Why?

Some people just enjoy the coolness ice chewing provides to their mouth and the satisfaction of a rigorous crunch. It is also suspected that an iron deficiency may create the urge.

If you are a frequent ice chewer, traditional freezer ice cubes can be as hard as jawbreakers (the candy, that is, but named so for good reasons!). It’s not unusual for adults to break teeth while chewing ice, along with causing tooth fractures. When a fracture goes below the gum line, the tooth is susceptible to break at that depth. When this happens, the tooth must be removed since a crown can no longer protect it.

If chewing ice is something you don’t want to (or just can’t) give up, consider purchasing an ice-maker that makes shaved or ‘nugget’ ice. Also, some Sonic drive-ins sell 10 lb. bags of ‘pellet’ ice that is cheap and easy to chew.

Ice chewers should also be very committed to their 6-month check-ups so tooth fractures can be caught early. Losing a tooth can require time and expense far beyond the cost of purchasing more-chewable ice.

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