Always Happy To Welcome Former Patients Back!

added on: August 11, 2014

We occasionally have a patient who moves away and must find another dental office in their new location. We also have some patients who find their new insurance carrier is not one in which we are participants and feel they must select a dental office that is in-network.

We try to participate with as many insurance carriers as possible, however, some simply do not support an individualized oral hygiene approach to care. We believe our patients deserve more than the bare minimum.

If your policy is with a carrier that does not list us as in-network, you can continue to be a patient or return at any time. We are happy to accept payment allowed by your insurance combined with your payment  to cover their short-fall. This enables you to continue with exceptional care while taking advantage of the coverages allowed. We have many patients who return to us and opt for this arrangement.

The saddest thing I encounter is when a patient leaves due to a misunderstanding, fortunately a rare occurrence. We are all human and sometimes signals get crossed. When there is a problem, it is our desire that the patient will ask for a private consultation so we can discuss ways to overcome any issues. (Or, ask for a phone call). It is a loss for us both when a patient leaves in an unhappy state when problems can be resolved with a simple conversation.

Our patient “re-activation” numbers are good, but it is our goal to not lose them in the first place! If your insurance changes or you ever encounter a problem, let’s address it so you can continue to enjoy the standard of care you deserve.

Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a free Consultation or to request a phone consultation.

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