Are You Proud Of Your Smile? If Not, Let’s Change Your Life!

added on: July 23, 2019

Being a dentist has enabled me to play a role in some pretty significant moments in the lives of certain patients. I’ve been able to restore the ability to eat comfortably to patients who were missing teeth. I’ve helped people overcome gum disease and prevent associated tooth loss. I’ve watched awkward teens totally transformed as crooked, jumbled teeth were moved into proper position. And, I’ve helped migraine sufferers rid their lives of these debilitating episodes brought on by TMJ disorders.

Whether people in Macomb Co. have been in need of dental implants, braces, TMJ therapy, treatment for gum disease, or crown & bridge, we are witness to some really great moments here! One of the most memorable, as a dentist, have been the moments I’ve watched my cosmetic dentistry patients look at their new smiles in the mirror for the first time.

Common comments after cosmetic dentistry have been…

“I smile all the time now!”

“I feel so much happier and more confident!”

“I get comments from strangers on my smile!”

“This has changed my life! I’ve lost weight and changed my hairstyle. It’s like there’s a new me!”

But, the most common is…

“I can’t believe I waited so long to do this!”

While I hear that particular statement most often, there are fairly typical reasons that seem to be attributed to these delays. They include perceived cost, financing, dental fear, lack of time, and concerns over results that don’t look natural.

Below, I’ll address some perceived obstacles and as well as some reassurances when it comes to gaining a smile you love.

COST: Think about the things that require monthly payments. Home, auto, cable TV, cell phone, etc. These things are important to our lives. Thus, we adjust our incomes to ensure they are covered. There are also things that are add-on’s. These may include new clothes, beauty expenses (hair, makeup, nails), trips, dining out, etc. Although nice perks, these extras fall short of giving us all-day, every-day joy as does a beautiful smile. Many patients who have had some of the most major smile makeovers are living on fixed budgets. These ‘new smiles’ patients are on teachers, policemen, nurses, and retirees. It was their determination to achieve a great smile – AND our easy, monthly payment plans – that resulted in achieving a smile they are now proud to share. In our Shelby Township dental office, our financial coordinator is an “ace” at helping people find the payment plan that fits each budget. Deb has been on our team for over 20 years and has a reputation for finding a practical path to a beautiful smile for people who felt was unaffordable. Deb is available to discuss these arrangements anytime during our normal business hours. She is warm and friendly and loves what she does – and is a great resource for our patients!

DENTAL FEAR: I’m pleased to have developed a reputation of a gentle and “painless dentist,” My patients tell me my injections make them think “Did she inject me already?” since their closed eyes don’t reveal that “yes, it’s over!” However, with 25 years in dentistry with pain-free dentistry as our goal, I know it takes more than an ouch-less injection to help patients get past even perceived pain and move forward in achieving healthy, attractive smiles. In addition to a gentle touch, we communicate with our patients so they are not left in a worried state about what they can’t see. We also pace the procedure to an unhurried one. This is reassuring to patients and helps them to relax. Additionally, some patients prefer sedatives during their treatment. We offer oral sedation, which is a pill form that gives a ‘dozing’ state. And, we offer IV sedation for “twilight sleep.” Both erase most (and usually all) memory of the procedure after and have quick recoveries. Here, you will find dentists and our staff fully focused on the patient’s comfort before, during, and after treatment. If your dental fear or anxiety has prevented you from achieving the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted, simply mention your concerns to any member of our team. (Keep in mind that you are not alone in your anxious feelings. An estimated 70 percent of American adults feel the same!) And, feel free to begin with a no-charge private session. Together, we can discuss how your individual needs can be addressed so you achieve a positive, overall dental experience.

HAVING A SMILE THAT LOOKS LIKE ‘DENTAL WORK’: As a cosmetic dentist, I’ve seen a lot of dental work that looks like dental work over the years. Certainly, no one wants to make the investment of time and money for smile enhancements only to end up with fake-looking teeth. Having this work “done right the first time” is worth the investment. And, the dentist you choose for this work is the most important decision you’ll make when you decide to move forward. Using the most modern techniques and materials, ‘esthetic dentistry‘ can give you a smile you look like you were born with. Your new smile can even be created to balance and flatter facial features. Prior to proceeding, we create a model that shows you how your teeth will appear before the work is performed. We also incorporate neuromuscular measures so your bite is properly aligned to neighboring teeth. The materials used are to the finest level of quality and craftsmanship by a nationally-recognized dental lab. This provides the most natural appeal with exceptional longevity. We want your new smile to give you compliments and the motivation to smile often and joyfully! With our commitment to “only the finest” for our patients, that’s what you can look forward to!

TIME IN TREATMENT: Today’s adults lead busy lives. For those who are employed full-time, and may be juggling family schedules, time for doctor’s and dental visits is tight. When it comes to available time for cosmetic dentistry, many people assume that weeks and weeks will be needed to complete treatment. Yet, many are pleased to learn that most cosmetic dentistry, including porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, whitening, bonding and even gum contouring, can be done in just one or two visits. When a dental lab process is involved, your ‘temporary’ restorations will be custom-made to provide you with a comfortable and natural-looking smile between visits.

I hope I’ve helped you rethink any obstacles you felt have been keeping you from enjoying the beautiful smile you desire. Let’s sit together and discuss a new smile in a consultation. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to begin.

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