Buyer Beware When It Comes To Dental Implant Promotions

added on: June 4, 2014

As a dentist who provides all phases of Dental Implants, I cringe when I see TV ads for ‘clinics’ promoting a particular type of implant to the masses. For example, the latest is the ‘mini-implant.’ Although mini dental implants can work for a few, for many, they fail to provide the stability and longevity of types that may have better suited for the individual.

We all want to save money wherever we can. Because Dental Implants are a financial commitment for most, spending money on implant treatment that does not fulfill its purpose (or even requires removal) can simply be a waste of money.

Like everyone, I’ve made purchases because the price was so appealing. What I realized, in due time, was I had not saved money at all. In most cases, I ended up spending more for repairs and/or replacements or was dissatisfied with the item. Even worse, I felt ‘taken.’

Dental Implants are designed in many shapes and sizes so a skilled, experienced doctor can select and place the type that will work best for your specific needs. Be careful when considering a potentially ‘cheaper’ option. Also, don’t be surprised if these clinics try to talk you into a higher-priced version once they have you there.

We’ve all heard, “Do it right the first time!” Deep down, we know that’s the wisest and most economical route. It’s no different with Dental Implants. Find a doctor in whom you have full confidence – and trust – and enjoy a successful outcome!

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