Celebrating Exceptional Dental Care – For 25 Years!

added on: February 23, 2022

On February 24th, our Shelby Township dental office celebrates 25 years of providing exceptional dentistry to patients who have filled each day with smiles!

Throughout this time, I’ve met some of the finest people on earth. For them, we have been committed to providing complete dental services in one location, exceptional comfort and advanced technology. Some of these features include:

CONE BEAM 3D – Through these images, we are able to determine the origin of pain (often undetectable on conventional x-rays), minimize treatment and even eliminate the need for additional x-rays with a single 3D image. These views capture clear, concise and amazing detail at the lowest radiation levels possible.

Cone beam images are used for assessment of the jaws (for dental implant placement); review of airway passages (beneficial for sleep apnea and patients who snore heavily); root canal treatment; orthodontic treatment planning; signs of infections, cysts, or tumors in teeth or bone structures; and positioning of lower wisdom teeth.

ND: YAG LASER – This eliminates or greatly minimizes bleeding during procedures, reduces numbing requirements, removes bacteria and easily uncovers gum tissue where implants have been placed. Laser dentistry can quickly repair oral ulcers and beautifully recontour or repair gum tissues with a precision line. Because it seals tissue as it goes, patient comfort is enhanced and healing time is faster.

Additionally, our patients enjoy the unique advantages of neuromuscular dentistry, which incorporates the harmonious interaction of the cranio-facial structures in chewing, speaking, etc. Through these skills, we help patients avoid (or be less likely for) potential problems such as headaches, broken teeth, sore jaw joints, etc.

Findings published by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) reveal about 75 percent of all headaches are caused by muscle tension, many of which are bite related. For this reason, I have devoted nearly 300 hours in continuing education in neuromuscular dentistry. A neuromuscular dentist is particularly beneficial in diagnosing problems associated with the TMJ (jaw joints) and bite misalignment.

A bite problem often exists when teeth are missing, misaligned, or worn down, preventing the upper teeth from fitting correctly with lower teeth. This forces the jaw to shift position and the muscles to work harder to bring the teeth together. And, when you are not chewing, your jaw muscles may not fully relax, even though they feel normal to you.

Eventually, the constant strain on the muscles can pull the disc that cushions the jaw joint out of position. If this happens, the bones of the jaw joint can rub against each other, causing pain and damaging the joint.

A particular asset in our immense array of advanced technology is also in the evaluation of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Using Cone Beam imaging, we are able to diagnose not only the presence of TMJ disorders, but precisely where the intruding issues exist.

I am proud to say that we have developed a rather nationwide reputation for our ability to accurately diagnose and conservatively treat problems that occur due to TMJ dysfunction. Many people can develop problems from this disorder that can interfere with lifestyle or even become debilitating. These problem can cause:

• Frequent Headaches or Migraines

• Painful Jaw Joints

• Pain in the Face, Neck and Shoulders

• Face or Neck Pain

• Uncomfortable, Uneven or Painful Bite and Inability to Chew

• Chipped, Worn or Broken Teeth

• Grinding or Clenching

• Clicking or Popping Jaw

• Ringing Ears or Vertigo (dizziness)

• Difficulty Opening and Closing the Mouth

• Tingling Hands

Using advanced technology that zeros in on the specific points of conflict, combined with the skills of a neuromuscular dentist, people have come as far away as the North Carolina for appropriate treatment that restores comfort and helps to prevent further damage to teeth (or even tooth loss).

In addition to Cone Beam images, this particular technology includes:

BioPak system – This records the functions and congruity of the upper and lower jaw, jaw joints, and associated muscles in chewing, speaking and resting positions. The information is also beneficial in diagnosing sleep disorders (such as heavy snoring and sleep apnea) and evaluation of patients for restorative dentistry, orthodontics, dentures, dental implants and ‘bite’ reconstruction. The process is painless and results are generally available the same day.

TekScan™ Digital Occlusal Analysis – Poor occlusion (your ‘bite’ position) can be a significant factor in your life. TekScan is changing the dynamics of detecting malocclusion. Rather than the antiquated method of checking bite alignment through ‘articulating paper’ TekScan indicates where bite contact is made, including when and with how much force.

In a quick and comfortable process for the patient, this technology can pinpoint problem areas associated with facial pain and tooth sensitivity, optimize implant placement and reveal imbalances in bite alignment. In addition to reducing the need for repeat visits, patients appreciate seeing their bite data on the screen. These views provide greater understand of how the forces on the screen correlate to what they feel in their mouths!

One of the most gratifying moments in my 25 years of dentistry has been in helping once-fearful dental patients overcome dental fear to achieve the healthy, confident smile they desire. I have seen total transformations as a result of helping patients relax and complete much-needed restorative, cosmetic and implant procedures.

The power of a smile you love tends to enhance self-confidence and self-esteem – and appearance! We have been immensely successful in helping fearful and high-anxiety patients get past these issues. In addit

ion to a gentle touch, we sometimes use nitrous oxide (also referred to as “laughing gas”). However, certain people simply need deeper levels of relaxation. For these, we offer:

ORAL SEDATION – In pill form, this sedative provides total relaxation throughout dental procedures, erasing most (if not all) memory of the procedure afterwards. The medication is provided once you arrive. By the time you are seated in a treatment chair, you are very relaxed. We cover you with a warm blanket and, as you relax, the medication takes full effect. Once fully relaxed, numbing medications are administered to ensure your continued comfort throughout your procedure. After treatment, recovery is quick. Most patients leave with a refreshed feeling afterwards.

IV SEDATION (twilight sleep) – This sedation provides a deeper “sleep” level than Oral Sedation and is delivered through an I.V. drip prior to and during your dental procedure. Most patients have no memory of their procedure afterward and prefer sleep dentistry for lengthy or more-complex procedures, although recovery requires more time than with oral sedation.

For both Oral and IV Sedation, patients are carefully monitored by trained staff and safety equipment throughout. You’ll find our entire team is committed to optimal patient comfort – from start to finish. For all patients, they enjoy an atmosphere of warmth, respect, compassion and care. Some added touches are…

• Ergonomically-designed treatment chairs, chair massagers, relaxation videos and music, and a selection of beverages add to a pampered feeling at every visit

• Thorough communication to keep patients informed of what is being done in terms that are easy to understand

• Minimal wait times

You have made my years a joy. I hope we have added beautifully to your oral health. Thank you for entrusting your smile to our care.

If you haven’t experienced the comprehensive care environment we offer (from dental implants to general dentistry), new patients are always welcome. I’d love to meet with you personally during a no-charge, private consultation. To schedule, tap here or call 586-739-2155.

Now, let’s pop the champagne!

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