Don’t Let Dental Insurance Create Future Problems

added on: September 24, 2014

When we place Dental Implants to replace a single tooth, it is often because the tooth fractured below the gum line. When a tooth breaks or cracks beneath the realm of a protective crown, the tooth must be removed and replaced.

When hairline fractures appear, we typically recommend a crown to protect the tooth, avoiding a potential break. The reason some patients decline or delay having a tooth crowned is due to dental insurance constraints. It is unfortunate when dental repairs are postponed solely because of one’s insurance coverage.

Once a tooth is removed, the patient must decide how to replace it. Because insurance companies prefer to cover the least expensive methods of replacement, the patient must decide if their ‘approved’ option is what serves their long-term, best interest.

Keep in mind that these insurance companies are for-profit firms. Dental insurance is meant to help with expenses for basic procedures (cleanings, etc.) or repairs (a yearly allowance for crowns or fillings, for example). Dental insurance is not, and never will be, total coverage that ensures your long-term dental wellness.

Having a healthy, confident and appealing smile is a positive part of your overall health. Be proactive so you can avoid costly and time consuming repairs regardless of what dental insurance companies allow. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to discuss lasting oral wellness at an affordable pace while maximizing dental insurance coverage.

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