Dr. Barbat Explains Why Replacing A Tooth Is So Important

added on: April 18, 2011

“The arrangement of your teeth is a balanced support system that provides proper support and stability. Losing a tooth can start a vicious cycle of ongoing oral problems. Typical problems include drifting, shifting and  increased risk of gum disease and decay. In a normal, healthy mouth, there is a natural balance of teeth. Each tooth has three or four companion teeth. These include the adjacent teeth on either side as well as upper or lower teeth that meet them. Upper and lower teeth work together to provide comfortable chewing function. When a tooth is lost, statistics show that the companion tooth will be lost next. Then, the next closest tooth is subjected to the same conditions. The best time to replace missing teeth is immediately after the tooth is lost. Dr. Barbat will make recommendations that will help you accomplish a confident, comfortable smile. During this discussion, she will answer your questions and explain all options of tooth replacement so you can select the preferred treatment.”

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