Ear Ringing, Dizziness, Headaches? The Cause May Surprise You.

added on: November 12, 2014

Persistent symptoms – those that don’t clear up in a couple of weeks – are indications that something is wrong. Sometimes, the original causes of these symptoms are the result of an incident that occurred many years in the past.

When frequent headaches, jaw pain or discomfort in the jaw joints when chewing arise, it’s fairly obvious that the temporo-mandibular (TMJ) joint should be considered as having a role. However, for people who have symptoms such as frequent ear ringing, ear pain or dizziness, the jaw joint is not initially deemed to be a source. Many individuals go from specialist to specialist trying to determine why they feel dizzy so often or why they have this maddening ringing in the ears. The doctor you think could provide an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment is rarely a neuro-muscular dentist or Orthodontist.

People who are recently in a car wreck are often ‘on the alert’ for neck or back pain. If you were hiking and slipped on the trail, ankle pain or a pulled hamstring that emerges a few days later is easy to trace back to its source. However, let’s say you played defense in football and took some really hard blows. Or, you fell off a ladder years ago with quite a jolt. Although you may have emerged from such incidents seemingly unharmed, years later, the jolt you experienced may have been just enough that your jaw joint was injured.

Most people cannot ever trace “the one, true injury” back to their TMJ disorder. This is because it can take years for trauma to the jaw joint to show symptoms. Unlike neck pain after an auto accident or a pulled muscle after an intense tennis match, TMJ disorder develops symptoms slowly, in most cases.

While medical specialists will order CAT scans, examine the ears and sinuses, or prescribe muscle relaxers or heat-&-ice therapy, you may experience some relief. However, to get to the symptoms’ true source and eliminate the problem, for good, failing to consider the TMJ is a recipe for re-occurrence and continual visits to doctor after doctor.

We’ve successfully treated many people who have had decades of headaches, migraines, facial pain, jaw pain, ear aches, dizziness and ringing ears. As a neuro-muscular dentist, I see far beyond your teeth and gums. Their intricate connection to jaw joints, head and neck muscles and your posture are all related. When the jaw joints are stressed or stained, a domino effect occurs, which typically encompasses the proper function of adjoining parts.

In addition to my intensive training in neuro-muscular dentistry, I’ve incorporated advanced technology into our practice specifically designed to detect the true source of TMJ disorder. The diagnostic process is comfortable and thorough so we’ll have sufficient information to make an accurate determination for your symptoms’ source.

We also have an Orthodontic Specialist on our team. Dr. Jerry Wesley has extensive training in creating proper bite alignment for the elimination of TMJ disorder (which can also be caused by a misaligned bite). Once the source of your symptoms is determined, we’ll make recommendations to help you overcome these problems and resume your life without often-debilitating symptoms.

Having a healthy, appealing smile is of tremendous benefit to your overall health and well-being. However, it is equally important that muscles, joints, bones and teeth work together properly – not just for your comfort, but so you’ll avoid problems in the first place.

If you have experienced ear ringing, dizziness, sore jaw joints or frequent headaches or migraines, call for a free consultation at 1-866-9-Smiles. We’ll discuss the best way to determine the true source of your problems and methods to restore you to comfort and a healthy smile that’s worry-free!

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