Growing Number Including Oral Sedation In Care

added on: November 26, 2012

Think Sedation Dentistry is just for white-knuckled patients in the chair? Actually, millions of adults are opting for Oral Sedation simply because they want to be more relaxed during treatment.

While Sedation is credited with helping fearful patients to receive dental care, a growing number without dental fears are combining it with their treatment. Most ‘non-fearful’ patients who take advantage of having treatment while sedated do so to save time. Often, Oral Sedation can enable patients to combine several appointments into one, lengthy – but comfortable – visit. This is ideal for busy people who are having extensive restorative or cosmetic procedures.

Oral Sedation is also becoming more common for routine procedures, such as cleanings. For example, some people have very sensitive teeth and gums. Oral Sedation can prevent a simple cleaning from being an unpleasant experience.

While Oral Sedation is relaxing, it creates an amnesiac affect as well. I’ve even known patients to call the office, thinking they missed their appointment, after having treatment with Oral Sedation!

Whether you’re interested in Oral Sedation for dental fears or as a time saver, it’s safe and can be a positive addition to achieve your smile goals. To discuss having Oral Sedation with your care, call toll free 1-855-9-Smiles. We offer a complimentary consultation and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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