Here, Comfort Is ALWAYS A Priority!

added on: November 12, 2012

It is not unusual for us to meet a new patient and learn they have avoided dental care for years (sometimes decades) because of a deep fear of dentistry. We are sensitive to how these fears can impact different people in different ways. In addition to our training in helping patients overcome these fears, we are respectful of their particular needs. Delay in attaining dental care due to fear is understood here, and you’ll never be lectured or feel judged because of it.

Because of our understanding of these fears, we provide an environment that specifically attends to those affected. Our staff is trained to help patients move through care at a pace that feels comfortable. We also have options for enhanced relaxation, including Oral Sedation. This provides a total state of relaxation and requires no needles to administer. Oral Sedation is a safe medication with a quick recovery. Our trained staff and specific equipment monitors you for safety and comfort while you are under its effects.

Oral Sedation is taken prior to arrival at our office, so you’re already relaxed and in a tranquil state by the time you arrive. This creates a positive beginning to your visit that continues with deeper relaxation prior to the procedure. Treatment with Oral Sedation is performed in a Total Relaxation Room. This adds to a patient’s feeling of comfort and tranquility even further.

We are proud of the vast numbers of adults who are no longer fearful of dental care because of our involvement. We urge you (or someone you know) to share these fears with us. The first step is a friendly phone call — toll free 1-855-9-Smiles. A beautiful, healthy smile could be yours in just a few visits.

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