How Dental Fear Leads To MORE Dental Fear

added on: June 1, 2015

For people who have a fear of dogs, many can’t explain why it hangs on, even after being exposed to many docile, friendly dogs. They may know how it originated but are unaware of why it remains so strong after many years. When these people find themselves in unexpected situations with dogs, this can even accentuate their fear.

This is also the case for adults with dental fear or dental phobia. When fear causes patients to avoid regular dental care, they often end up forced into treatment because of an emergency need. These visits are typically more complex procedures that require lengthy time in the chair.  This simply reinforces their fears rather than motivates them into regular care to prevent problems in the first place.

Unfortunately, dental fear is widespread. An estimated 75% of adults in the U.S. experience some level of dental fear. Approximately 5 – 10% can be classified as dental phobics. These are people who are so fearful they seek dental care only when an emergency occurs.

Regular dental check-ups can help patients avoid problems or resolve those that occur while treatment needs are minimal. However, because dental fear can be as uncontrollable as shivering in the cold, we understand their needs are unique.

Many high fear patients begin their care while relaxing with Oral Sedation. This provides a totally serene state and eliminates most (or all) memory of treatment afterwards. I.V. Sedation (twilight sleep) is also available for those who desire a deeper level of sedation. Throughout your treatment, you’ll be monitored by specially trained staff using advanced safety equipment.

In addition to a gentle touch, we utilize advanced technology to enhance comfort and reduce treatment time. While we make comfort a high priority for all patients, we are happy to pace treatment so it is comfortable for each individual.

Sadly, most dental fear is the result of a past encounter with a rushed, uncaring dentist. Fortunately, many of today’s dental offices are designed to create a positive, relaxing experience. In our office, we take pride in the many patients who have overcome their dental fears and are now relaxed throughout every visit.

Begin with a free Consultation. During this time, you can explain your dental history and concerns and I’ll answer your questions thoroughly. You CAN overcome dental fear and have a smile you love to share! Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to schedule a Consultation.

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