Jaw tracking

To track jaw movements, a tiny magnet is placed just below the lower front teeth. A sensor records the movement of the magnet when you open and close your mouth and move the lower jaw side-to-side, forward and backward.

After diagnosis, treatment often begins with a TENS unit. This sends an ultra-low electrical frequency to stimulate muscles to induce a contraction of facial muscles. This causes the muscles to relax so the optimal resting point can be determined.

Very often, conservative treatment is sufficient for relieving stress on these joints. This may be in the form of a mouthpiece, which is custom-fitted for optimal comfort and does not interfere with sleep. Other adjustments may involve realignment of the bite with minor reshaping of specific teeth. In some cases, bite adjustments require restructuring through crowns.

If you have symptoms of TMJ Disorder, begin with a Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Barbat to discuss your situation and resolving your problems – for good!