Just A Couple Of Minutes For Lifelong Rewards!

added on: July 8, 2012

Suppose you learned that an investment of 2 minutes per day could save you hundreds (thousands even!) of dollars, give you fresher breath and decrease your risk for heart disease, diabetes and stroke. Is a minute or two a day worth all this?

People who floss their teeth on a daily basis add, on average, 10 years to their lifespans. And, once you’re in the habit of flossing, it becomes a seemingly simple task. Daily flossers also like the great feeling it creates that it’s definitely noticeable when flossing is skipped for even a day.

Our hygienists have heard every excuse under the sun from those who resist flossing. Yet, once people get into the habit, it becomes effortless and can be accomplished in about a minute.

Join the gang! You, too, can be a super flosser! Our Hygienists will show you how and help make this easy and comfortable. Just ask at your next check-up or call 1-855-9-Smiles to arrange an exam and cleaning so your mouth has a great foundation to get you started. Each Hygienist is happy to help you with your ‘beginners’ technique. Within a week or so, you’ll find flossing is a habit you’ll be proud to keep, even day!

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