Schedule Treatment Now To Use Insurance Coverage

added on: October 13, 2011

It’s October, and patients are already discussing treatment they’d like to complete before the year’s end. Many wish to use dental insurance coverage and some want procedures performed during year-end holiday or vacation days off.

Let us help you maximize your insurance benefits for the treatment you desire
through proper scheduling! Keep in mind that some procedures require several appointments and necessary time for lab restorations. Additionally, some treatments can be started at the end of one year, and completed after the next one begins, providing two year’s coverages on one treatment. By pre-planning with us, we can schedule your treatment to make the most of your coverage and time off.

And, for those interested in financial plans, this is a good process to begin now for year end treatments. We offer CareCredit, which is available for online completion through our web site or we can assist you with the application process. Just call (586) 739-2155 and ask for Deb!

Remember, NOW may be your best time to begin year-end treatment!

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