Sedation Dentistry: Overcome Your Dental Fears|Utica MI Cosmetic Dentist Office

added on: January 8, 2010

Fear of going to the dentist is a very common phobia.

The level of fear can vary but some people find it unnerving to visit the dentist for basic checkups or cleanings. Sedation dentistry can help people overcome their fears and maintain their dental health.

Sedation dentistry can be given in the form of a pill with Oral Sedation or with IV sedation.

The pill form is the more popular choice. A prescription sleeping pill is given to the patient to take before coming into the office so that the patient will be sedated by the time the procedure begins.The IV form of sedation dentistry is given to the patient intravenously. The patients state of fear can be closely monitored and the dosage changed accordingly. It is also good because it can go on as long as the procedure needs.Contact Dr. Ban Barbat’s Utica MI Cosmetic Dentist Office today to learn more about your sedation options.Source:

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