Select Weekend Beverages Wisely

added on: May 22, 2013

With the coming Memorial Day weekend, many Americans will be honoring those who bravely served to protect our freedom with gatherings that include food and beverages. Before you pop that top, here’s some “food for thought!”

Studies have shown that diet colas can cause just as much harm to teeth as those sweetened with sugar. Tooth decay occurs from acid attacks, not just sugar. Acidic flavor additives in both versions of colas attack enamel. Highly acidic beverages such as Sprite and Mountain Dew have been deemed the most harmful while root beer seems to be less harmful than most.

Love your colas and just can’t give them up? Drink them with food rather than between meals. This helps to decrease the amount of acid attacks your teeth endure during the day. And, between meals, opt for the healthiest liquid refreshment of all — pure water!

This weekend, eat and drink in a healthy manner, play safely, wear your mouth guard during sports activities, include our service men and women in your mealtime blessing, and SMILE often!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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