Spend Less In 2016 For Family’s Dental Care

added on: November 3, 2015

Managing the expenses needed to raise a family these days is a challenge for most people. Just the back-to-school supply costs and athletic involvement expenses can add up quickly for those with children. While we can’t help you save on school supplies or soccer pads, we can help you spend less on dental needs by sharing some helpful tips:HighSchGirl

• Make oral hygiene at home a ‘must do’ for every member of the household – Children often imitate the habits of their parents. If the adults are committed to twice daily brushing and daily flossing, the children will be more inclined to cooperate.

• Keep regular dental check-ups for the entire family – Having an exam and cleaning every six months is designed to give you a ‘clean slate.’ This makes it easier to prevent cavities and address oral problems early when they typically require minimal treatment.

• Be involved with your child’s dentist and hygienist – After each child’s exam and at the conclusion of cleanings, talk to the dentist or hygienist about specific areas that may need special attention between visits. Your child’s hygienist is also a source for your child to learn to brush right and floss comfortably and correctly.

• Watch what your family eats – The World Health Organization has labeled the U.S. as the biggest consumers of sugar on the planet. That’s not a surprise considering the rate of obesity in this country. However, sugar consumption is also eating away at our teeth. Move your family away from sugary beverages (including colas and juice) and snacks. If you do it gradually, they’ll be less likely to notice!

• Consider fluoride treatments or sealants – The old saying “A stitch in time saves nine,” applies to oral health, too! The nominal fees you’ll pay for this added protection may save you hundreds of dollars for repairing problems.

• Use the ‘Wait 30’ guideline – Rather than send your child directly from the dinner table to the bathroom sink to brush, have them wait 20-30 minutes after eating. Anytime you eat or drink, an acid attack begins in your mouth. This acid, although beneficial in the initial stage of digestion, is hard on teeth and softens enamel. Using abrasive tooth paste before the acid attack subsides can wear down enamel, leaving teeth vulnerable.

At any age, dental care should be a positive part of one’s overall health. Our goal is to welcome your entire family every six months and know each has a healthy, happy smile! Let us help you create terrific smiles without expenses that can very well be avoided.

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