Spring Is Here! Brighten Your Smile!

added on: April 19, 2014

Very few of us have perfect teeth. However, an easy way to somewhat conceal those flaws is to have a professional whitening. Whitening also tends to brighten your smile and flatter your entire face.

In our office, we carefully chose Zoom II as our whitening system. Zoom II uses light activation technology, causing a “photo-fenton” reaction of peroxide and iron in the Zoom II gel. The peroxide reacts with the iron, producing stain terminators as the light cyclically renews the iron, significantly enhancing whitening results.

While many people try drug store whiteners, Zoom II provides dramatic whitening in about an hour with long-lasting effects. Drug store types tend to provide minimal whitening that need frequent touch-ups. They often end up spending many dollars for an outcome that Zoom II can provide quickly and affordably.

Start Spring with a bright smile that is beautiful! Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to learn more.



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