This Year, Gift Yourself A Beautiful Smile You’ll Enjoy EVERY DAY!

added on: November 22, 2021

Whenever I see a patient who expresses the desire to have an improved smile, there is often something in his or her life that has prompted the decision to pursue it at that moment. It may be a child’s upcoming wedding, desiring to truly show their happiness in wedding photos. Or, it may be their readiness to start dating again after a breakup. I’ve seen several who were preparing for a class reunion as well as some who had become ’empty nesters’ and felt ready to reward themselves.

There are many reasons to seek a more flattering smile. After all, the appearance of a smile is a significant part of overall facial appearance. It is often the first feature noticed when meeting someone and can have a lasting impression. A smile that appears unkept (yellowed or stained teeth, broken or missing teeth, etc.) can make a rather negative impression about personal health standards, for example.

What message does your smile say to others? Does it occur easily? Is it confident and joyful? Does it look healthy and bright? Is it a smile you love sharing?

People who have beautiful smiles typically know it to be an asset to both appearance and how they are perceived by others. It enhances self-confidence, self-esteem and social interaction. Too, a smile shared often is a mood booster. Smiling activates the release of endorphins, which are “feel good” chemicals produced by the brain. By smiling, you give yourself a “natural high” of sorts.

With all the benefits of having a beautiful smile, what causes people who are unhappy with theirs to avoid cosmetic dentistry?

The reasons are actually pretty common, with the majority being:

Dental Fear – In addition to a reputation for a gentle touch, we offer oral and IV sedation. Oral sedation is a pill that is taken upon arrival at your appointment. Rather quickly, its relaxing effects take place. You are seated in a treatment chair and covered with a warm blanket. Fairly soon afterward, you are in a ‘dozing’ state. IV sedation is also offered for a deeper level of sleep dentistry. Known as “twilight sleep”, this sedative is ideal for patients who have more intense levels of dental anxiety or fear. Both sedatives erase most or all memory of the procedure after. Patients are carefully monitored by trained staff and advanced safety equipment throughout their care.

Time in Treatment – When considering a smile makeover, it’s not unusual for people to assume that completing treatment will require extended time and numerous appointments. At our Shelby Township dental office, most cosmetic dentistry procedures (such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, whitening, crown lengthening), can be completed in just one or two visits. When a dental lab process is involved, ‘temporary’ restorations are custom-made to provide a comfortable and natural-looking smile until the final restorations are placed.

Treatment Cost – Cosmetic dentistry is deemed an elective procedure, so most dental insurances do not cover it for the purposes of improved appearance. Yet, of all the things that people often splurge on (such as new clothes, beauty expenses (hair, makeup, nails), trips, dining out, etc.), the good feelings these items give are short-lived. When you consider that a beautiful smile adds so much to your life all day, every day, life with a beautiful smile is a far more satisfying investment. Many of my cosmetic dentistry patients have modest budgets. However, their desire to live each day with a smile they love motivated them to look further into some of our affordable, monthly payment plans. Our financial coordinator has decades of experience helping patients find a plan that fits their budget. Patients also find that every member of our team is respectful of individual circumstances and each is committed to helping patients achieve individual goals.

Having Undesirable Results – As a cosmetic dentist for 25 years, I’ve seen patients who ended up with unflattering results in the hands of another dentist. Often, the dentist was chosen because of a “good deal.” Yet, a smile that looks like “dental work” soon becomes a disappointing investment in both time and money. Having this work “done right the first time” is worth the investment. And, the dentist you select is probably the most important part of this decision. In addition to my advanced skills in esthetic dentistry at one of the most renowned dental institutes in the world, I am a neuromuscular dentist. By incorporating neuromuscular dentistry into treatment, the bite is properly aligned to neighboring teeth. (Tap here to learn more about neuromuscular dentistry.) Here, our patients are also surrounded by some of the most advanced technology available in dentistry. This helps to optimize treatment outcomes and comfort while minimizing time in treatment. The results? A beautiful smile that looks like you were born with, balanced to your unique facial features. We are also proud to work with one of the nation’s most recognized dental labs to provide you with a natural appealing look that has exceptional longevity.

Determining which procedures to help you achieve your smile goals can be discussed during a free consultation. Typically, one or a combination of the following can achieve the best outcome for each patient…

• PORCELAIN VENEERS & CROWNS: The ideal material for reshaping and enhancing teeth is porcelain. Porcelain gives a natural luminosity and opalescence while providing the most natural look and feel possible. Porcelain veneers and crowns provide exceptional longevity, resists staining and even reflects light as natural teeth. Plus, porcelain’s durability is superior to any other material used in cosmetic dentistry.

• TEETH WHITENING: One of the most economical ways to improve the appearance of a smile is to whiten it. A white, bright smile is more appealing and often projects a healthy, well cared for look. In about an hour, our Zoom 2 whitening system provides far superior results than over-the-counter types. Surprisingly affordable for almost any individual, the whitening you’ll achieve will also last far longer than drug store versions.

• GUM RESHAPING: Reshaping the gum tissues that arch teeth can have a significant affect on the appearance of a smile. Having too much gum tissue above upper teeth when smiling (known as a “gummy smile”) can be corrected with comfort and precision in our dental office using a dental laser. The laser is also ideal for reshaping gum tissues over single teeth to match the gum arch of neighboring teeth. This gives a more balanced smile line.

• TOOTH REPLACEMENT: As adults age, tooth loss can occur. In these cases, we can also incorporate tooth replacement into cosmetic dental treatment plans. We offer all stages of dental implants as well as crown-&-bridge and custom-designed partials. Using the advanced skills of neuromuscular dentistry and precision technology, these blend beautifully with surrounding teeth and provide a highly natural look, feel and function.

We want your new smile to get you compliments and the motivation to smile often! With our commitment to comfort, beautiful results, and affordability for our Macomb and Oakland County patients, that’s what you can look forward to! So, this holiday, give yourself a gift that will be the BEST gift ever!!!

To learn more about what may be recommended to achieve your BEST smile, begin with a free consultation in our private consultation room. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to schedule. I look forward to meeting you! In the meantime, visit our Smile Gallery to see just a few of your patients’ terrific smiles!


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