We Are Always Happy To Welcome New Patients!

added on: November 14, 2012

Whenever I meet a new patient referred to us by a current patient, I take it as the ultimate compliment! We are ALWAYS pleased to accept new patients and appreciate your recommendations to others.

Too, we are just as happy to welcome healthy smiles as we are people who have not seen a dentist in years. We often see new patients who delayed care for many years due to fear, financial issues or serious illness. Regardless of the reason, we are always happy to make them feel ‘at home’ and confident in allowing our office to care for their oral health.

So, the next time you have an opportunity to share the secret behind your smile, please do! We look forward to welcoming others who are seeking the dental care our patients have come to know! Suggest they visit our web site or call toll free 1-855-9-Smiles.

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Dr. Ban R. Barbat

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