Wise Decisions In Tooth Replacment

added on: December 13, 2013

Each year, my husband and I pick out something new for our home that the whole family can enjoy When deciding on a new sofa for our family room, we could have chosen one for less than the one we ended up purchasing. Our decision to buy the higher priced sofa was made based on its superior construction, workmanship, materials used and overall design that would give us many years of comfort.

While we all want to be budget conscious, it is just as important to make wise investments that give us true value. When contemplating tooth replacement, cheaper options may be a partial or crown-&-bridge combination. Even though a Dental Implant will cost more initially, it is designed to last your lifetime.

Partials and crown-&-bridge typically need repair or replacing periodically. Plus, they can affect the health of adjacent teeth. It is a fact that the next tooth you’ll lose is a neighboring tooth when replacing teeth through these means. This is not the case with Dental Implants.

In our office, we provide implant placement and placement of your final teeth, with oral or IV sedation available for total comfort throughout your procedure. Our process also creates an optimal outcome for a natural-looking result and the function of real teeth.

Dental Implants do far more than merely restore missing teeth. They protect your overall oral health, preserve underlying jaw bone structure, and create a wise investment you’ll never regret! Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a free consultation to discuss your individual situation.

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