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“I was immediately confident with Dr. Barbat. She explained everything that was happening in my mouth. My smile before wasn’t as cheerful as it is now. I just didn’t give a full smile. Now, I smile more and larger.”
– Joan Manor

“My visits are always a wonderful experience. All of the staff are friendly and warm. I have a long drive to the office, but it is worth it.”
– Patient of Dr. Ban Barbat

“Dr. Barbat and her staff are all extremely friendly and welcoming. They take pride in what they do and do so in a professional manner.”
– Patient of Dr. Ban Barbat


Protecting and saving natural teeth is important to your oral health. Natural tooth roots are vital for helping you maintain a healthy jaw bone mass. When teeth need protection (from fractures, overload of fillings, etc.), a porcelain crown provides a natural look and feel with exceptional longevity. Dr. Barbat also uses the latest techniques and materials to ensure your crown is well-matched to neighboring teeth. And, as a trained Neuromuscular Dentist, she creates each crown to promote a healthy bite. This allows you to protect your natural tooth while avoiding headaches and jaw joint discomfort that can result from improper crown dimensions.


A fixed bridge is held by teeth on both sides of the area where a natural tooth or teeth are missing. After adjacent teeth are prepared for crowns, a ‘bridge’ (a replacement tooth or teeth) is affixed to the crowns, restoring appearance and chewing ability. In some instances, the bordering teeth can serve as anchors for a bridge without crowns. Instead, the replacement tooth or bridge is held by adjacent teeth with the help of metal brackets. With the brackets attached to the back of natural teeth, they are typically not visible.

    Dr. Ban R. Barbat

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