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Dr. Ban Barbat

Shelby Township Dentist Ban R. Barbat, DDS Offers Complete Dental Care For Your Whole Family!

General Dentistry

A healthy smile needs regular Preventive Care Appointments. In our Macomb County dental office, Dr. Barbat has designed your exam and cleaning to be gentle yet thorough. These visits help to protect your oral health and smile’s appearance while also helping you to avoid or minimize the need for treatment or repairs in the future.

Through Dr. Barbat’s complete care dentistry, Michigan smiles appreciate having a full menu of dental services for all ages in one comfortable, convenient location.

Typical oral hygiene appointments (6 month dental check-ups) include…

  • Thorough cleaning and flossing (tap here to learn easy tips for flossing)
  • Full-mouth dental and periodontal (gum) exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodic radiographs (X-Rays) to detect decay, bone loss or tumors
  • Individualized home care recommendations
  • Take home dental supplies (toothbrush, floss)

If risk factors are present, Dr. Barbat will discuss treatment options to restore your mouth to good oral health. This will help to protect your teeth and oral health between visits. A healthy mouth has also been shown to support good overall health.

In addition to dental cleanings and exams, Dr. Barbat offers fillings, crowns (caps), extractions, root canals, fluoride treatments, and sealants.

“I had a root canal procedure and I was worried about pain and discomfort. I was able to return to work right afterwards. I had no pain at all. I even had spicy Thai food for dinner. Thanks to a job well done.”
– Mary N., Patient of Dr. Barbat

Regardless of your need, rest assured that your comfort is always a priority with Dr. Barbat and her entire team. We want every visit to be a pleasant experience!

Tap here to learn more about findings on how oral bacteria of gum disease can affect your overall health.

Periodontal (Gum) Therapy

Sore, bleeding gums, bad breath, or receded gums may indicate Periodontal Disease. Eventually, tooth loss occurs. Research has linked gum disease to heart disease, low birth weight babies, stroke, and diabetes. Dr. Barbat provides non-surgical therapy to successfully treat most stages of gum disease.

Root Canals

Our Shelby Township dental office is able to provide complete dental services, including advanced skills to perform endodontic procedures, or root canals. Here, a root canal is far different than its common reputation.

Root canals are performed to save a natural tooth, which preserves the bone that supports it as well as the health of surrounding teeth. The procedure can effectively treat the interior of a damaged or diseased tooth. This may be from a deep cavity, an issue with previous filling, or a cracked tooth.

Patients generally need a root canal when they notice a tooth is sensitive, particularly to hot and cold sensations. Symptoms that may indicate the need for a root canal include:

  • Severe pain while chewing or biting
  • A chipped or cracked tooth
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Deep decay or darkening of the gums
  • Swollen or tender gums

The tooth’s interior holds the pulp, which is made up of blood vessels and nerves. The procedure begins with anesthesia for patient comfort. A small opening is made through the crown of the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber. The infected or diseased pulp is removed and a crown is typically used to further protect and preserve the tooth.

Depending on the condition of your tooth, a root canal is relatively painless with most requiring only one visit.

Dentistry For Children

Your child’s smile is precious. His or her ability to enjoy a healthy smile and a lifetime of natural teeth begins at home. By helping your son or daughter to develop good oral hygiene into their daily routine at an early age, you are giving them a smile that will last a lifetime!

By your child’s first birthday, teeth have already begun to emerge. This is the best time to have your child evaluated. Dr. Barbat can check for signs of decay or jaw irregularities that may contribute to future problems. By detecting problems early, your child can often be prevented the need for more extensive care.


The American Dental Association advises wearing mouthguards for children and adults in most recreational activities to cushion blows that could cause broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw. It is believed that they can also reduce the severity and incidence of concussions.

There are several types of protective mouthguards. While “boil-&-bite” types do not require a dental fitting, the most comfortable are custom-made. Dr. Barbat can also make mouthguards for lower teeth, which are equally vulnerable to damage.

Dr. Ban R. Barbat

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