Dentures & Partials

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“I can’t find words to express my appreciation for the implants I got from you. I was told that I couldn’t have implants and consider myself lucky to have found a great doctor like you to make the impossible work. I know if I weren’t lucky enough to find you, I would surely have a mouthful of problems.”
– Deanna

“There were never any problems and once the replacement tooth was attached, you’d never know it wasn’t my natural tooth. It’s been great!”
– Ryan

“I feared a difficult procedure and a painful recovery. The dental implant procedure was remarkable for its ease and absence of pain. Thank you! I am truly grateful for the care you have given me.”
– Helen

Dentures & Partials

A Partial Denture fills spaces of missing teeth to give chewing ability and halt shifting of remaining teeth. Partial dentures usually consist of replacement teeth attached to gum-colored bases, connected by metal framework. Removable partial dentures attach to natural teeth with metal clasps or devices called precision attachments, which are not visible and more esthetic than clasps.

A Full Denture is typically removable and replaces all teeth as well as gums that have diminished in height. New denture wearers need time to get accustomed to their new “teeth” because even the best fitting denture can feel awkward at first. Some have difficulty eating for several days or weeks and may notice a slight change in facial appearance, increased salivary flow, or minor speech difficulty.