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“Our patients frequently share how impressed they are with our staff, which I’m delighted (but never surprised) to hear. While the longevity of our team is very impressive, they are each dedicated to ensuring our patients have an excellent experience at every visit. There is also a genuine sense of camaraderie in our office, a team spirit I’m proud to say that patients ‘feel.’ I look forward to helping you get to know these talented individuals.”
– Dr. Ban Barbat


ALLISON, Registered Dental Hygienist

A graduate of Baker College (Clinton Township), Allison’s kindness and compassion to teach patients about their oral and overall health is her highest priority. She’s motivated by the same passion and care that Dr. Barbat shares in the office, as it’s always her key motivator for continuous improvement in her work. When not at the office, she loves spending time disc golfing, hiking, and relaxing at home with her husband Chris.

AMANDA, Registered Dental Hygienist

A graduate of Baker College (Auburn Hills), Amanda enjoys helping patients be fully informed of all aspects of their oral and systemic health. She’s intrigued by the dental technologies that are so plentiful at Dr. Barbat’s office and using them to maximize patient care. When not in the office, Amanda loves yoga and traveling.

Our Wonderful Assistant Anna

ANNA, Registered Dental Assistant (staff member since 1998)

This Indiana native joined Dr. Barbat’s team in 1998. She enjoys seeing the reactions of patients when they see their new smiles and the impact that complete oral wellness can have on their lives. When not in the office, Anna spends time with friends and family, especially in her new home where boating and baking are favorite activities. She also stays busy with a skin care business.

Our Wonderful Office Manager Beckie

BECKIE, Office Manager (staff member since 1998)

A delightful member of Dr. Barbat’s team since 1998, Beckie truly enjoys helping people. This is apparent in her friendly smile and warm personality as she assists patients in the front office with various needs. An accomplished cook and baker, Beckie enjoys her off hours trying new recipes and creating new ones. She also relishes time reading, gardening and traveling.

CATHY, Front Office Coordinator (staff member since 2003)

That friendly voice on the telephone and the smile that greets you is likely Cathy. Since 2003, this former dental assistant has used her multi-tasking skills to help patients with scheduling and other informational needs. Her love of outdoors and collecting heart-shaped rocks is complemented with photography skills that have evolved into a photography business. She also enjoys time with friends and family, biking and anything outdoors.

DANIELLE, Registered Dental Hygienist

Danielle completed her dental hygiene degree from Ferris State University and Mott Community College. You will find that she is compassionate, able to put patients at ease and ensures a positive dental experience. In her spare time, Danielle enjoys crossfit and spending time with her husband Craig and their two children.

Our Wonderful Receptionist Doreen

DOREEN, Hygiene/Financial Coordinator (staff member since 2004)

Being talented in both hygiene and financial support takes a unique talent! And Doreen has been a support to both patients and the entire team since 2004. She enjoys dinner out with friends and family, traveling, gardening, shopping and anything on the water. Things that ‘sparkle’ are appealing, too!

Our Wonderful Assistant Jessica

JESSICA, Dental/TMJ/Hygiene Assistant (staff member since 2011)

Having grown up in Harrison Township, Jessica went on to complete dental training at Ross Medical Education. After joining Dr. Barbat’s dental office as a Dental Assistant, Jessica furthered her skills with completion of over 120 hours of neuromuscular training at the highly-recognized LVI, the Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

In her present role, she trains co-workers in neuromuscular dentistry and is the go-to team member in using cone beam imaging, digital scanner, Biopak & T-Scan diagnostic technology, 3D printer (for night guards and models) and PCs. She also serves Dr. Barbat as a dental assistant in orthodontics, neuromuscular dentistry and sleep apnea therapy and also maintains office equipment and supplies.

Jessica takes great pleasure getting to know patients and seeing them smile. In her free time, she enjoys fun time with her daughters and canvas art.

JOE DINDO, Director, Operations / TMJ Therapy

After serving in the Canadian armed forces, rising quickly to the rank of Full Lieutenant, Joe graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He then relocated to the Michigan area in 1990, where he has been instrumental in managing the overall operations of Ban R. Barbat DDS-PC, including design and construction of the new facility in 2004.

With over 240 hours of advanced training in TMJ disorders and treatment options, Joe has also overseen inclusion of their extensive diagnostic technology and treatment protocols. His diagnosis and therapy training also applies to patients with OSA-related sleep disorders and snoring.

Joe is married to Dr. Ban Barbat and has two sons.


MIA, Receptionist

Mia has been in the dental field as a front desk coordinator for over 4 years. Her desire to accommodate patients in ensuring they receive optimal care for their oral health has always been a priority for her. When she’s outside of the office, she enjoys hiking, traveling, and finding new restaurants to indulge in.

Our Wonderful Insurance Coordinator Michelle

MICHELLE, Insurance Coordinator (staff member since 2008)

Born and raised in Detroit, Michelle has assisted Dr. Barbat’s patients with insurance needs since 2008. In this challenging role, Michelle applies many skills to adeptly juggle all the details involved. When not on the job, Michelle spends time with friends and family, scrapbooking, reading and enjoying the beauty that Michigan’s nature has to offer.


Michelle actually began as a patient of Dr. Barbat’s and joined the team in January 2022. Having grown up with a fear of the dentist, Michelle decided to use that as a way to help patients feel more at ease in the chair. In her free time, she enjoys baking, spending time with loved ones, and being an animal lover.

VENUS, Financial Coordinator

Venus comes to us with over 28 years in dental administration. She took the helm as Financial Coordinator after 12 weeks in training with Deb, who retired as Financial Coordinator after 24 years. Venus has enjoyed meeting many patients and continuing the closeness combined with skilled assistance that our patients have always received. She is also complimentary of the interaction of the entire team and our many advanced treatment options. Venus grew up in Sterling Heights and enjoys time with her husband, three teens and a dog in her time out of the office.

Dr. Ban R. Barbat

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