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If you have noticed the following symptoms, you may be suffering with periodontal (gum) disease:

  • Sore gums that sometimes bleed when brushing
  • Frequent Bad breath
  • Swollen gums that ache in spots
  • Gums that have receded (pulled away from teeth, exposing darker tooth root areas)

However, gum disease may exist without any obvious symptoms. Like many diseases that form in our bodies, it can exist silently in initial stages.

Periodontal disease is the nation’s leading cause of adult tooth loss. Even worse, the bacteria of gum disease has been linked to a number of serious health conditions, including heart disease, preterm babies, stroke, some cancers, arthritis, diabetes, impotency and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Obviously, having healthy gums is important to your overall health. During your examination, Dr. Barbat will discuss the condition of your gum health. If problems exist, she will discuss non-surgical therapy that can successfully treat most stages of periodontal disease, restoring your smile to a healthy state.

Dr. Ban R. Barbat is highly-trained to treat gum disease with Periodontal (Gum) Therapy

Through care at Dr. Barbat’s dental office, patients throughout Oakland and Macomb counties have achieved healthy, confident smiles. And, the difference is clear to her patients:

I went for a normal checkup and it was the most thorough cleaning and check I’ve experienced. They measured the gums. X-rays were taken and displayed right away on a swing out monitor while I was in the chair. The best cleaning I’ve ever had.”             – Tisha L.

Your oral health is too important to be in the hands of anyone but the best! Consider starting with a no-charge Consultation appointment. During this time, Dr. Barbat will discuss ways to achieve a healthy smile and measure to help you avoid problems in the first place.

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