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added on: November 26, 2019

“I wish I’d done this years ago!”

“This is the best investment I’ve ever made!”

“I feel like a new me!”

These are comments heard from patients in our Shelby Township dental office rather often.

When people decide they’re ready to improve the appearance of their smile, or replace missing teeth, or banish migraines and frequent headaches through TMJ Therapy, we enjoy a firsthand reactions to the final results.

For some, smile enhancements, especially, can be life-changing.

A healthy, beautiful smile can have enormous impact on one’s self-esteem, self-confidence, and – perhaps surprisingly to some – be a benefit to overall health. Decades of research shows that having good oral health is a benefit to overall health.

Periodontal (gum) disease is the nation’s leading cause of adult tooth loss. Too, findings have shown the bacteria in our mouths can affect our gut health. Even worse, the bacteria of gum disease can trigger reactions elsewhere in the body, leading to some serious (and even deadly) health conditions.

Studies show that the oral bacteria of advanced gum disease can increase risks for certain types of cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, arthritis, and impotency. Pregnant women with gum disease have higher risks of having prematurely born babies and babies born of low birth weight.

The positive side of having a confident smile continues still. People who feel confident with the appearance of their smile tend to smile more often. Studies have shown that people who smile more often live longer than frequent ‘frowners.’ They also show that the act of smiling triggers the release of endorphins in the brain. These are the “happy” chemicals that lift us up.

For people who struggle with dentures and partials, many endure a number of frustrations. Long-time wearers of these “prosthetics” often develop difficulty eating certain foods as the denture slips or rubs sore spots on tender gum tissues.

When this occurs, people tend to change their food choices to softer foods that dissolve quickly in the mouth without the need to chew much. Unfortunately, many of these choices are lacking in the nutrition and fiber that helps to keep the digestive process efficient. No wonder adults are opting for dental implants to restore stability and confidence!

Denture wearers often develop a fear of embarrassment. When gatherings are centered around food or laughter may be overshadowed with worry, some denture wearers become less involved socially. Social connections are an important part of good health. Being active with others plays a beneficial role in physical and psychological well-being.

With all the positive reasons to achieve a healthy, confident smile, then why don’t more people have them?

Here, in our Shelby Twp dental office, patients sometimes have to postpone dental treatment due to budget constraints. As a dentist, I want every patient to enjoy exceptional dentistry through a financial package that fits their budget. We know our advanced level of skills, technology, and commitment to patient comfort can make a difference in lives AND be affordable.

To help patients with financial constraints, we offer easy payment plans …

Credit Cards – This helps patients who wish to pay some or all treatment fees so payments can be spread out in manageable amounts. If a credit card is your preference, we accept all major cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

For those who wish to spread payments out over longer periods without interest or down payments, additional plans are available. These allow many patients to achieve the smile they desire without delay while making monthly payments within their budget.

Care Credit – The Care Credit card is exclusively for healthcare and dental services. This offers low monthly payments for up to 24 months. For most treatments, no down payment is required and there is no interest charged if paid by the agreed terms. Learn more by contacting our office or tap here to learn more. You can also apply online at CareCredit. You can also ask our Financial Coordinator, Deb, to assist you by calling 586-739-2155.

Lending Club – Another flexible payment plan is available through Lending Club Patient Solutions. Lending Club offers similar arrangements as CareCredit with low monthly payments and no down payment (for most arrangements). You can even calculate your potential monthly payment by completing a brief application which shows fixed rates and monthly payments available for Extended Plans, all without impacting your credit score. For assistance, call our Financial Coordinator, Deb or go to: to apply online, if preferred.

We encourage patients to consider these options rather than delay or bypass the dentistry they need. Unfortunately, very few of us were born with beautiful, worry-free smiles. Over the years, most adults experience breakdown of teeth, loss of teeth, or teeth that shift out of proper alignment. These problems won’t improve on their own and tend to worsen over time. Early treatment may help you avoid more-extensive treatment in the future.

For both, patients can get an estimate on monthly payment amounts before committing to anything!

Look into the easy financing options we make available so you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile! Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to schedule a free consultation.

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