added on: April 17, 2024

Several weeks ago, I watched a news clip on the severe over-treatment of TMJ disorders. It included interviews of several female patients who had endured horrific surgeries that were ineffective, and even disfiguring. As a neuromuscular dentist, this was frightening to watch for me, and sad. While over the years,… Read More…

added on: January 8, 2024

Life in balance. This seems to be a new buzz phrase that describes the benefits of keeping work, family/social time, time for self, and spiritual reflection in a balanced “Jenga” of sorts. The goal of this balance is to help us fulfill the needs of our lives physically and psychologically…. Read More…

added on: October 21, 2023

People are often taken aback when learning the source for certain health conditions is found to be related to their jaw joints. Read on for a look at some of these. I have a feeling some may surprise you. Headaches & Migraines Headaches can be an interference to one’s day…. Read More…

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