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added on: January 20, 2020

Since your smile is one of your most prominent facial features, it makes sense that something unnatural in appearance would stand out a great deal.

Over the years, though, I’ve seen a number of cosmetics-gone-wrong cases, such as in the repair of a gap between front teeth. I’ve seen where dentists widened the two teeth to meet, only to create a ‘bunny look.’ This may have given the patient a lower price for the work, but failed to create a smile that the patient was confident with.

The last thing a patient wants for their investment is to feel their smile stands out in a different way, not in a naturally-flattering way.

When you see someone with a fabulous smile, it’s hard not to feel a positive vibe coming off of them. People seem to be drawn to beautiful smiles. They project an energy that is inviting and upbeat.Actual Patient Before & After Treatment

Not many people are born with beautiful smiles. Yet, When any of our facial features fails to look natural, it falls short of being a complement our overall facial appearance. “Bad dental work” actually becomes the feature that creates a less-than-favorable first impression.

When a dentist applies modern techniques, materials and technology to enhance the appearance of a smile, “natural” should describe the look, feel and function. This is accomplished through advanced training and a commitment to optimal techniques and materials.

Through our Shelby Twp dental office, you’ll find a particular commitment to cosmetic dentistry. Here, we are able to custom-create a smile that is uniquely yours as we consider the appropriate size, shade and shape your restorations (porcelain veneers, crowns, crown-&-bridge, implant restorations) and well as gum contours that arch teeth.

Through these considerations, your exceptional outcome will provide a smile that truly complements facial features. For example, by slightly elongating teeth, we are able to make a wide face appear more slender.

Using the proper materials are important as well. I typically recommend porcelain crowns or veneers. Like natural teeth, these reflect light naturally and have a luminosity like that of real teeth. Too, the gum tissues that arch each tooth should also be at the same level as that above neighboring teeth for an even smile line of teeth.

Just as important is the placement and alignment of the teeth. As a cosmetic and neuro-muscular dentist, I see patients who have endured years of headaches, migraines, dizziness, ear ringing, sore jaw joints and night-time clenching and/or grinding. Many have worn, chipped, or fractured teeth.

My advanced training and technology allows me to pinpoint factors that are contributing to an imbalance in bite alignment. Amazingly, just one or two improperly placed or designed crowns can lead to years of suffering.

There is always a cheaper way to do something. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, however, a ‘good deal’ typically means short-cuts and compromises that DO show. In our Macomb Co. dental office, we are dedicated to creating smiles that give the most natural and flattering look combined with proper function and exceptional longevity.

Our goal is to have people compliment you on your smile because it is beautiful and looks like you were lucky enough to be born with it!

Begin with a private, no cost consultation appointment, call 586-739-2155 or tap here. Some questions you may wish to ask at your Consultation are:

• Am I a good candidate for cosmetic repair?
• Will I be able to see the proposed change(s) on a model or replica?
• Will I need to wear temporary crowns or veneers during treatment?
• What process do you use to determine the shape, size, and color of teeth before making permanent changes?
• Are there any risks to to my oral health in having cosmetic treatment?
• Can I see examples of previous work similar to my own smile’s needs? (Visit Smile Gallery)
• What are anticipated costs involved and payment options?
• What is the expected time frame for completion?
• What comfort options are available?

During this time, I’ll discuss how we can help you achieve a smile that add so much to your life, and in an attractive way that will enhance self-esteem, self-confidence and even your overall mood. You can also meet with our financial coordinator to review our easy payment plans, if you like.

Get the new smile you want, but “get it done right the first time!” I look forward to meeting you!


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