Extreme Whiteness On Teeth Not Always Flattering

added on: March 25, 2015

As a dentist who performs cosmetic dental procedures on a regular basis, I am often removing crowns, bonding or veneers placed by another dentist. While repair is occasionally the reason for removal, the most common reason is their appearance. Without modern techniques, materials and technology, smile enhancements in any form can look fake, not providing the natural look and feel that patients desire.

Yet, the same can be true for tooth whitening. At times, I see people who have gone overboard on bleaching. Their teeth are no longer white, they’re “day glo!”

White teeth provide a more youthful appearance to one’s face as teeth become stained yellow or brown as we age. When you lighten the color of your teeth, it tends to brighten your face overall. This results in a more youthful appearance. Yet, too white can look unnatural, even ridiculous.

Areas to take into consideration when seeking a gleaming smile include:

  • Age – A naturally-white smile at age 30 and age 60 vary. Because it is normal for teeth to become duller and discolored as we age, bleaching too light creates a “fake” look.
  • Complexion – Your natural skin color and your teeth should have similar undertones. For instance, for those with pink skin undertones, the teeth should retain some blue or gray for a flattering match. Someone with olive skin is better with ivory undertones.
  • Current Shade – A Liquid Paper smile is not the goal. Bleaching teeth to the extent of extremely white doesn’t mean your smile will look better. When whitening occurs under a dentist’s supervision, the extent of whiteness that’s appropriate for you can be better controlled.

After bleaching, teeth can retain their new luster even longer by drinking water or swishing after drinking colored beverages, such as tea or coffee. Plus, drink colas and dark juices through a straw whenever possible.

Your smile can be as flattering to your appearance as your hair color. The key is to work toward a degree of whiteness that is naturally flattering and complements you as an individual.

Zoom 2 gives an exceptional white in about an hour!

Zoom 2 gives an exceptional white in about an hour!

We offer the Zoom 2 Whitening system. This is safe, causes minimal (if any) sensitivity and provides an outstanding result that has exceptional longevity. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for more information.

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