Laser Dentistry Repairs “Gummy Smile” With Ease

added on: June 30, 2011

When someone smiles and shows too much gum above the upper teeth, this is referred to as a “gummy smile.” For many with this trait, they often ‘hold back’ rather than smile fully or even cover their mouths when smiling or laughing.

Repairing a gummy smile is through gum recontouring called a gingivectomy. This procedure removes excess gum tissue around the teeth.

Because we use a dental laser to repair and recontour gum tissue, we can correct a gummy smile quickly and without sutures (stitches) needed. The laser also seals the tissue as it works, so bleeding is either eliminated or minimal. Recovery time is typically a week or less.

Once the tissue has been removed, most people want to enhance the appearance of their teeth with porcelain veneers or crowns. This completes their new smile with a beautiful line, shade and shape of teeth.

If you know someone with a gummy smile, suggest they call us at (586) 739-2155 for a no-cost consultation. We’ll be happy to answer their questions and discuss the specifics of treatment during that time.

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