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added on: January 17, 2012

Ask any Personal Trainer. They’re busy as bees in January. In April, however, things have slowed down. By June, they’ve dropped off significantly. Resolutions to improve our appearance by working out requires a major commitment of hard work and time. And, while it’s something we should strive to do, the slow pace of getting fit is hard for some of us impatient folks to stick with for the duration it takes.

If you remember the once popular television program “Extreme Makeover,” the producers quickly realized that the ideal candidates were those with the worst smiles. The reason they zeroed in on this criteria was the ‘after’ result could have such a dramatic difference in a person’s overall appearance. They knew some weight loss and toning could give a nicer frame. Breast implants, a tummy tuck and even a nose job would create a better look. Yet, it was the person’s smile that seemed to grab everyone’s immediate attention, show after show!

Want to make a positive change in your appearance? Call to schedule a free consultation so we can sit down and discuss the appearance of your smile. I’ll listen to what you want to change and make suggestions as to the procedures that can create the smile you want. I’ll answer your questions and then you can make the decision you feel is best.

While you work to get yourself in shape this year, you could be doing so with a smile that is your best feature! Imagine … a smile that boosts your confidence and says, “I feel good about myself!” That’s an attitude a Personal Trainer would say will keep you going all year!

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