Many Reasons To Select Your Cosmetic Dentist Carefully

added on: July 9, 2024

As a cosmetic dentist, I believe a smile should make an individual feel good inside and out. A beautiful, healthy smile should make you want to smile in addition to enhancing facial appearance. And, when it comes to smiling, there’s an added bonus when you do.

When you smile, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the brain to release endorphins, which are chemicals that activate a surge of happy feelings. That’s a pretty simple way to perk up your mood.

Smiling can also influence how we’re perceived by others. Studies have shown that people who smile more are thought of as being more confident, content, successful, outgoing, and attractive.

A study at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) even showed that smiling can make you appear thinner. In this, “sad faces randomized and flashed on a computer screen were judged to be heftier.”

Source: 2016 article in Psychology Today, “The 9 SuperPowers Of Your Smile”

Another study revealed how others are perceived by the appearance of a smile. In a February 2020 article (published by Business Insider), study participants were shown faces of adults of varying attractiveness and happiness. Selections of those most attractive showed that happy facial expressions could even compensate for unattractiveness.


There are many reasons to pursue a smile you are proud to share. However, achieving this through cosmetic dentistry comes with many decisions. Because a smile makeover can be a sizable investment, having the procedure(s) done to perfection requires putting your trust in the right hands.

For nearly three decades, I’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve their goal of living each day with a beautiful smile. Our commitment to our patients is why we’ve aligned our Shelby Twp dental office to be an ideal setting for all levels of smile makeovers. This includes:

– Providing advanced skills: For adults who have teeth that are chipped, crooked, broken or missing, our Shelby Township dental office offers porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, crown-&-bridge, dental implants, dentures and partials. With vast experience and advanced training, I am able to determine how the shape, shade and length of teeth can complement facial features while providing the most natural look and feel possible.

I’ve achieved Fellowship status in the world-renowned LVI Institute For Advanced Dental Studies and am a member of the International Association of Physiologic Aesthetics. Additionally, I’ve completed extensive training to achieve the designation of a Neuromuscular Dentist. This allows me to incorporate measures into procedures that respect the balance of proper bite alignment. Through this, our patients can avoid TMJ (jaw joint) associated problems, such as headaches, night-time clenching or grinding, chipped or broken teeth, and ear ringing.

– Customized Treatment Planning: There is a lot to consider with each patient’s treatment. In many cases, more than one procedure is needed. A smile enhancement may involve whitening teeth, porcelain veneers and/or crowns, tooth replacement (via dental implants or a crown-&-bridge) and gum recontouring. We strive to have cosmetic restorations that blend in natural with existing teeth, especially those that are visible in a smile or laughter.

For a beautiful whitening, we offer the Zoom 2 in-office tooth whitening system. This is a comfortable process that provides beautiful, long-lasting whitening. Through a whitening system overseen by a dental professional, our patients receive a higher degree of whitening in a process that doesn’t cause gum sensitivity.

– Ideal selection of dental materials: We are dedicated to using the highest selection of dental materials to give you the most natural look and feel, with exceptional longevity. In most cases, we choose porcelain for its longevity and resistance to staining. Additionally, porcelain has an opacity and luminosity like that of natural teeth. This means that the crown, bridge, or veneer is able to reflect light as a “real” tooth.

Supporting our goal for unsurpassed cosmetic dentistry is one of the nation’s premier dental labs. While some dental offices try to use in-office machines to create crowns and other restorations, we have found that the true “experts” in esthetic restorations are in the nation’s top professional dental labs. Guided by our directions for shape and shade, these artists are masters of their craft, creating the most true-to-life restorations in dentistry.

– Proper gum contouring: The gum tissues that arch each tooth play a big role in a smile’s appearance. This framework of tissue visible over teeth should be part of the overall result. In our Macomb County cosmetic dental office, we determine how many teeth should be involved in treatment and assess the line of gum tissue that arches each tooth. When there is the need to rebalance the “smile line,” this is incorporated into the treatment plan for an ideal result.

 – Providing Optimal Comfort: Our Macomb County dental office is known for a gentle touch and environment of comfort for every patient at every visit. We also offer oral and I.V. sedation (“twilight sleep”) when desired. Both sedatives are safely administered and recovery is quick. Learn more at: DrBarbatComfort

– Utilizing Advanced Technology: Our office is also known for staying on the cutting edge of dental techniques and technology. Here, we’ve incorporated advanced technology to provide conservative treatment measures while reducing treatment time, optimizing comfort, and creating exceptional results. Some of these options include:

DIGITAL SCANNER – this captures imaging of the complete structures inside the mouth, such as gum contours and tooth positions. Using a high-definition, 3D-in-motion video camera, the information is beneficial in preparation of crowns and bridges, orthodontics, nightguards, dentures, dental implants, and oral appliances for sleep apnea. This scanner also helps provide information to dental laboratories.

The scanner also eliminates the goopy, bulky trays used to take impressions while providing more accuracy in a comfortable process. Patients also appreciate having the digital views available to make informed decisions regarding recommended treatment.

CONE BEAM 3D imaging – captures clear, concise and amazing views at the lowest radiation levels possible. These images are typically used for:
• ideal assessment of the jaws (for implant placement)
• evaluation of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ)
• review of airway passages
• views of bone structure damage or bone loss
• examination of teeth and facial structures for orthodontic treatment planning
• lower wisdom teeth in proximity to the mandibular (lower jaw) nerve canal
• evaluation of teeth and bone for signs of infections, cysts, or tumors
• intricate view of tooth roots for optimal diagnosis and root canal treatment

BIOPAK – This system records the functions and congruity of the upper and lower jaw, jaw joints, and associated muscles at various ranges. This information is a significant aid in proper diagnosis and treatment planning for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, sleep disorders and craniofacial pain. It is also used to evaluate patients for restorative, orthodontic, denture, implant and ‘bite’ reconstruction.

TEKSCAN (T-Scan™) Digital Occlusal Analysis – This replaces the dated method of checking a patient’s bite through ‘articulating paper.’ T-Scan shows measured forces and timing of tooth surfaces coming together with the timing of force on individual teeth. This information is beneficial for:
• Locating problem areas associated with facial pain and tooth sensitivity
• Enhancing longevity of crowns, bridges, and veneers
• Optimizing implant placement
• Screening patients for balanced occlusion and tracks throughout treatment
• Reducing repeat visits

LASER Dentistry – This eliminates or greatly minimizes bleeding during procedures, reduces numbing requirements, removes bacteria and easily uncovers gum tissue where implants have been placed. Laser dentistry can also quickly repair oral ulcers and beautifully recontour or repair gum tissue with a precision line. And, because it seals tissue as it goes, patient comfort is enhanced and healing time is faster.

 – Making Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable: Whether your smile could improve with whitening, porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, bonding, straightening, or gum re-contouring, the goal is for you to LOVE the result! For many individuals, we know that cosmetic dentistry can be quite an investment, which makes having your work done beautifully of the utmost importance. To help, we offer several payment plans, most that have no down payment required and are interest-free. There are no prepayment penalties and monthly payments can be paced at practical durations for most budgets.

To view our payment options, visit our site’s Financial Options page.

We also accept all major credit cards and offer a prepayment discount for many treatments. For those who wish to combine dental insurance with fees not covered, our Financial Coordinator is your best resource. Her goal is to help you accomplish your best smile at a level that is affordable and practical. Feel free to call her or ask to meet with her at your consultation.

Your new smile may be just two or three appointments away! Begin with a free consultation appointment. Just tap here or call to speak with a friendly staff member: 586-739-2155.

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