Saving A Tooth Saves You In Many Ways!

added on: December 30, 2013

If you lose your hearing, you can regain some level through the use of hearing aids. However, nothing will ever work as well as the natural ear structure you once had. Even with the most expensive hearing aid options, adults often complain of echos and interferences of background noise.

Like your hearing, your natural teeth are essentially irreplaceable. And, while dental implants are the next best thing to the natural teeth you once had, the majority of those who have them could have avoided needing them in the first place.

There are certainly times when a tooth cannot be saved. For example, when a tooth with a fracture breaks off below the gum line, it can no longer support a crown. Had the crown been placed on the tooth prior to the break, it could have saved the tooth. For patients who delayed this recommendation or felt a crown was too expensive, their dentist can hardly be faulted.

Additionally, some people don’t keep their 6-month dental exams and cleanings, feeling “if nothing hurts, nothing is wrong.” However, these visits are opportunites to catch problems that are avoidable or can be easily repaired before problems become more complicated and costly. If you delay these visits, you put yourself at greater risk for “when” rather than “if” bigger problems will arise.

Too many adult teeth are pulled because the patient feels a crown is too expensive. I believe this occurs when an adult hasn’t been educated as to what lies ahead. For example, when you lose a tooth, studies show the next tooth you’ll lose will be an adjacent tooth. As the trend continues, dentures are an eventual fate. Although dentures seem an easy way to deal with tooth loss, few seem to understand the true repercussions. Denture wearers typically struggle to chew comfortably and efficiently, take more medications, and die ten years younger than those who kept their natural teeth.

For our patients, we believe they deserve to know the advantages and disadvantages of all options. This helps to avoid years of frustration, discomfort, health decline and ongoing expenses to come when basing treatment decisions on cost alone.

We offer a Free Consultation to patients so they can discuss their concerns and get dependable information that helps them make decisions based on their long-term well-being. We can also have our Financial Coordinator discuss your insurance coverages or payment plans, some with no down payment and interest-free. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles to arrange a time.

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