Smile Enhancements Can Be Career Enhancing!

added on: July 14, 2014

Despite the adherence to unbiased hiring and pay practices, your appearance remains an influential factor in whether you’ll get the job, the pay you’ll earn and the promotions you’ll receive. Although intelligence, qualifications and experience should overrule appearance, studies show that physical attractiveness has an impact in social interactions, both career and personal.

One survey that found attractive lawyers in the U.S. earn 10 – 12% more than less attractive colleagues. Other research has shown that individuals tend to perceive attractive people as more intelligent, friendly and competent than those in the less attractive category. A Tufts University study found people rate competence, dominance, likability, maturity and trustworthiness by merely viewing facial photographs of CEOs. Another study by the University of British Columbia found that adults show bias toward attractive people because they tend to give more attention to good-looking people.

According to a report published in the Journal of Labor Economics, an attractive worker makes 9% more than their unattractive counterparts with the impact being similar for both men and women. Not only do more-appealing people earn more, they also receive more promotions during their careers than their plain counterparts, the study found. As much as we would like to think it isn’t the case, physical appearance seems to be a significant factor in hiring, pay, promotion and perceived competence in the U.S.

For many years, studies have shown that an attractive smile is a dominating feature of overall appearance for men and women. An appealing smile also makes people to be perceived as more friendly and approachable. A clean, healthy smile is easy to maintain with a good hygiene routine at home that includes brushing and flossing along with twice a year visits for cleanings. Also, avoid staining foods, such as red wine and tomato sauce, and avoid tobacco use.

If you have chipped, missing or crowded teeth or an uneven smile line, today’s esthetic dentistry can correct those flaws, often in just one or two visits. With advanced techniques and materials, smile enhancements can help balance out facial features while giving you a more confident smile with a natural look and feel.

Your smile can have a positive impact on your overall personality. When people have an appealing smile, they tend to smile more. This gives the impression of an upbeat, confident individual. Whether you opt for porcelain crowns or veneers, whitening, Invisalign or gum recontouring, a positive change in your smile can impact your life in exciting ways!

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