Sooner Is Better, Especially When It Comes To Your Smile!

added on: December 18, 2012

It was Thomas Jefferson who coined the phrase, “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.” Wise words then, and are still.

It’s not unusual to see a patient who is in dire need of a crown due to a tooth at ‘maximum capacity’ with fillings or a tooth with cracks or fractures. Some people feel if they are not experiencing pain, a crown is not necessary or can be delayed.

As a Dentist, I know too well what lies ahead for many patients who delay repairs. The scenario goes like this: It’s Saturday evening and they’re out to dinner with friends. They bite down on a piece of chicken and suddenly realize a chunk of tooth has broken off – a big chunk!

If the section of tooth that is broken away is above the gum line, we can save the tooth. However, when a tooth in need of a protective crown has gone too long without one, I often see breaks so deep they are below the gum line. This requires removal of the tooth and opens the door for an entirely new set of issues that must be addressed.

Be proactive with your dentistry so you can enjoy a worry-free smile. You’ll find you actually save time and money by avoiding more-complex repairs. Because, as I see too often, it’s not a matter of IF that tooth will require eventual repair, but one of WHEN.  And, WHEN always seems to occur at the worst of times.

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