Straight Teeth – Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces

added on: November 20, 2014

Straight teeth not only create a more appealing smile, they are an advantage to your oral health. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and provide proper bite alignment. When teeth are properly aligned, this helps you avoid TMJ disorder, which can result in headaches, jaw joint pain, chipped and broken teeth and night-time clenching and grinding.

Invisalign (for teens and adults) are sets of clear molds that gently move teeth in stages. The advantages are the ability to remove the molds to eat and clean teeth, heightened comfort and avoiding the awkward appearance that some feel with traditional braces.

However, there are reasons that traditional braces may be the best option for your individual situation. One is the permanence that braces have in your mouth. Because Invisalign molds are removable, it is tempting to leave them out longer than the recommended period. This also increases your risk of losing the molds.

Invisalign is also more costly than traditional braces, although they typically move teeth at a pace faster than braces. They are excellent options when teeth need mild to moderate realignment, but not as effective for severe crowding or malocclusion.

We are so pleased that Dr. Jerry Wesley has joined our practice. As an Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Wesley has the training, skills and experience to help you understand your options and recommend the best choice for a successful outcome.

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