What is the leading injury in rear-end collisions? TMJ

added on: December 15, 2009

One of the most common rear-end collision injuries is a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injury.

This joint is very fragile and can be easily hurt during a car accident. Usually head or neck injuries are blamed for the pain but if left undiagnosed TMJ can get worse over time.

Whiplash resulting from a car accident can be a cause of the TMJ injury.

When you are hit from behind your head can go in many different directions. This happens so Fast that the neck muscles can’t relax so they don’t hold the jaw in place. The impact on the head can force it backwards and the mouth overreaches, causing further injury.Sadly, there are not a lot of medical and dental professionals that specialize in the training necessary to diagnose TMJ correctly. Physical exams that involve radiographic surveys can help diagnose your condition. After diagnosis, you can begin TMJ treatments which may include a bite splint, temperature therapy, trigger point injections, nutritional, & physical therapies involving the jaw. Contact Dr. Ban Barbat at her Michigan Cosmetic Dentist Office for more information.

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