What’s Holding You Back From A Life-Changing Smile?

added on: January 24, 2023

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”
– Buddhist author Thich Nhat Hanh

For nearly 25 years, we have helped thousands achieve good oral health and smiles they love to share! Improving the look and health of your smile can bring you enjoy greater self-confidence, self-esteem, overall health; enhanced facial appearance; and lower risks for developing serious health problems in the future. These are all advantages to your health and well-being in many ways.

Let’s begin with the advantages of a healthy smile.

Research has shown that the bacteria of periodontal (gum) disease can activate systemic inflammation in the body. These reactions have been found to trigger or worsen the development of many health problems, including heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, preterm babies, some cancers (including pancreatic and lung), diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Studies show that the health of the gums is so intricately connected to your overall health that healthy gums can boost the health of existing problems. For instance, by treating gum disease, men who have prostatitis, a disease that can inflame the gland that produces semen, can improve the symptoms.

The same has been found to be the case for arthritis. Scientists found that periodontal disease tissues have nearly the same make-up of tissues found in arthritic joints. When gum disease is rampant, arthritic joints are more inflamed. Thus, healthy gums enhance the health of joints.

Now let’s look at how a beautiful smile enhances both facial appearance and even your mood!

Studies have shown that people who smile often have been found to live longer lives, have improved moods, and project more upbeat personalities. And, a smile gives you an instant facelift by pulling facial muscles upward and smoothing wrinkles around the mouth.

With all these terrific reasons to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile, why doesn’t everybody have one? Below are some common reasons that keep individuals from the smile they really want.

COST OF DENTISTRY – We understand that medical and dental care can be a strain to budgets, especially when unexpected problems arise. For those who have dental insurance, these coverages often only include cleanings, exams and provide limited help with other needs (such as fillings or dentures). Trying to stay within the confines of these limits can result in patchwork dentistry. Unfortunately, this opens the door for other problems in the mouth to become more complex.

Some people never pursue smile enhancement because of the assumption that it will be unaffordable, too expensive for their ability to manage financially. Rather than deny yourself the smile you want because of cost, a comprehensive care dentist can help to plan your treatment to reach your smile goals according to what is practical for your schedule and budget.

Our patients often make financial arrangements through our financial coordinator and insurance coordinator. These team members have terrific reputations for working with patients to create affordable arrangements. We offer several easy payment plans, most requiring no down payment and interest-free.

Remember – cosmetic and restorative dentistry is an investment. Treatment fees are based on the skills, techniques that can make all the difference in the world. I’ve seen (and repaired) adult smiles that were lured by what seemed bargain prices. Most end up with teeth that don’t fit properly in bite alignment or smiles of fake-looking teeth. Having your smile enhanced through the skills of a dentist with a beyond-expectations track record to make your investment one of the best you’ve ever made!

DENTAL FEAR – For most people who have a fear of dentistry, it stems from traumatic experiences in the past, often as a child. The helpless feeling of enduring pain that continues beyond protests or obvious discomfort can remain in one’s subconscious forever. However, a number of people cannot pinpoint the source of their fears. For some, it is triggered by sounds, smells or seeing instruments associated with dental offices.

Although dental fears vary in severity, it takes a special environment to help those affected to overcome, or set aside, this common obstacle to achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. We have a long-standing reputation for a gentle touch and having an environment that helps people relax and even release these fears for good. In addition to offering oral and I.V. sedation (twilight sleep), we provide advanced comfort features and technology that enhances patient comfort while minimizing treatment time.

If being afraid of the dentist is keeping you from the regular care and treatment that will create a fabulous smile, begin with our “Guide For The Fearful Dental Patient.”
This downloadable booklet contains easy tips to help move you through typical fear triggers and go forward at YOUR pace!

LONGEVITY – Once your dental plan is known, scheduled, and budgeted, some people are left with lingering concerns about the life of their investment. And, rightly so. The last thing an individual wants is to make a commitment to the costs and treatment time for advanced dentistry, only to end up with results that look like “dental work.” Dentistry, done right with the proper skills, techniques and materials, should look and feel like you were simply born with a confident, flattering smile.

Having received advanced training in both neuromuscular dentistry and cosmetic dentistry at one of the world’s most prestigious training institutes (LVI, where I have Fellowship status), I’ve been able to recreate smiles that allow the true joy of an individual to step forward! And, these smiles are the BEST reason to have your cosmetic procedures done in our Shelby Twp dental office.

I am also a highly-trained neuromuscular dentist, having completed the mastery level of this advanced level of dental skills. When cosmetic dentistry is not performed with the advantages of neuromuscular dentistry, what is at risk is your bite misalignment. A neuromuscular dentist can incorporate the proper alignment of teeth in order to eliminate stress or strain to the TMJ, or jaw joints.

What’s most important to properly-aligned teeth is more than having an attractive smile of straight teeth, however.

Using extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, and implant dentistry, our patients enjoy treatment results that provide exceptional outcomes. This combines proper bite alignment with smile results that have the sheen and luminosity of “real” teeth. We also use one of the most advanced dental labs in the country. Like us, these professionals are committed to techniques for the most natural look and the finest materials, creating results that last a long time and look fabulous!

In our office, we utilize advanced diagnostic technology to pinpoint the true source of bite problems that are contributing to TMJ issues. By knowing precisely when (or if) the problem exists, we are able to effectively and efficiently resolve the problem, in most cases. (Watch TMJ problems explained by viewing: DrBarbatTMJ

In addition to the unique views provided by our Cone Beam imaging, we utilize the advanced technology of a dental laser. This advanced tool helps to create an attractive shape and height of the gum tissues that ‘frame’ the teeth involved in treatment. A laser helps with precision contouring while sealing the tissues as it moves, which minimizes bleeding and speeds healing time as well. Our technology is explained also at: DrBarbatTechnology

When your smile is a complement to your life, it will bring you benefits all day, every day. You’ll look better, improve your oral and overall health, smile more, and lower your potential for future problems. Sound desirable? Let’s sit down together and talk about what you want during a private consultation appointment.

Let 2023 be a life-changing year! Let us help you get past the obstacles and make that happen. Call 586-739-2155 or tap here to schedule a no-charge consultation. You’re also invited to get to know us through a brief tour of the practice: DrBarbatOfficeTour




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