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added on: June 27, 2013

As a Dentist who has helped hundreds of patients overcome dental fears, I’m still broken-hearted when I meet a new patient who has avoided dental care for years as a result. A large percentage of fearful patients avoid dental visits until they are in such pain it becomes a necessity.

It saddens me to hear these patients, many of whom are on the verge of losing natural teeth due to gum disease, share tales of torture in a dental chair because of an uncaring dentist. Some are brought to tears as they recall the pain and helpless feeling that has caused such trauma that they come to avoid dental visits altogether.

Although some have a diligent oral hygiene regimen at home, regular 6-month check-ups and cleanings help to remove plaque build-up that is impossible to brush or floss away. Through these, combined will a thorough home care commitment, you can avoid problems in the first place.

While you are in our hands, we assure you that YOU are in control. I will stop anytime you feel uneasy or a sensation that has you worried. I can also provide oral sedation, which is taken prior to your appointment. This relaxes you and relieves tension during your treatment, although you’ll be able to respond to requests, such as “Turn your head a little towards me,” for example. Along with oral sedation, we administer numbing medication to the areas being treated to ensure total comfort throughout your care.

Usually, patients relax just by realizing their comfort is a priority here. This is helpful to many, in itself. However, it’s important that each patient move at a pace that feels comfortable. Often, we begin with a consultation that allows us to discuss their concerns face-to-face in a comfy consultation room. This room is away from the clinical side of the practice and is a living room setting. From there, patients can decide when or if they are ready to proceed.

Today’s dentistry should never have you ‘in pain.’ If you have avoided dentistry due to fear, let’s restore your oral health and help you begin a dental relationship in an environment that is a positive part of your lifestyle. Call toll free 1-866-9-Smiles for a free consultation for yourself or someone whose smile you adore!

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