2019 Scholarship Winners!

added on: May 28, 2019

At our Shelby Twp dental office, my entire team and I have a commitment that extends far beyond our building’s walls. Many of our staff members are actively involved in volunteer roles in schools, churches, civic and charitable organizations, and willingly lend a hand wherever they can.

As a dentist, I have always enjoyed “giving back” to my community. Throughout the years, we have been  multi-event and team sponsors through the Shelby Township Parks & Recreation Department. The people we work with there are amazingly organized and offer a tremendous variety of activities throughout the year.

Additionally, for 19 years, we have proudly awarded scholarships annually to students seeking to

Isabelle Teasel (right) with Dr. Barbat

pursue higher education aimed at the health care field. I’m happy to introduce you to the two 2019 BAN R. BARBAT, DDS-PC SCHOLARSHIP winners:

ISABELLE TEASEL – This delightful young lady is a graduate of Utica High School who will be attending Oakland University in the Fall as she begins her journey to become a physician. Her ultimate goal is to be a missionary physician in Africa. This became part of her path when she met (through her many medical volunteer roles for students) a missionary physician who caught – and survived – Ebola. Isabelle was so inspired by his work in Africa that it connected with her to direct her own life in this direction. Her interest in medicine originated through her own experiences, however. Isabelle endured many years of treatment and physical therapy for a spinal curvature. During each step, she was exposed to admirable professionals who welcomed her questions and encouraged her curiosity.

MADISON ALTMAN – A graduate of Eisenhower High School, we were also pleased to award a scholarship to assist with Madison’s studies at the University of Michigan. There, she will begin pre-med studies to ultimately reach the goal of becoming a neurologist. While always interested in serving in the medical profession (at one time considering pediatrics or veterinary medicine), Madison’s path was altered when a beloved aunt developed early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. “I started to question why the brain would allow itself to become its own demise.” Her quest is to one day provide a facility to care specifically for people who have Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other memory-loss illnesses

Madison Altman (right) with Dr. Barbat

to help fill a much-needed void.

The scholarships will help these future physicians with finances as they begin their continued studies.

During the interview process, we were honored to meet some of Michigan’s finest high school seniors (in our opinion!). While it’s always difficult to narrow down to final selections, it is wonderful to know that the future of medicine is in such capable and determined hands.

Of course, where would our students be without the nurture of our teachers? I am always in awe of the dedication and devotion that teachers give to their students, year after year. Obviously, their efforts pay off! Yet, it is easy to overlook them at times. Please remember to say “Thank you” to the teachers you encounter. What a major role they play in shaping our future!

As summer begins, please smile often – and proudly! As a patient of our dental office, we hope you’ll also share your knowledge of the importance of good oral health. As future physicians, both Madison and Isabelle are aware of the integrated nature of oral and overall health. Achieving optimal oral wellness supports a healthy body as well as lowers risks for serious conditions and diseases.

It was an honor to present these two impressive students with their scholarships. And, it is a joy to all on our team, every day, to be a part of healthy smiles in Macomb and Oakland County!

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