5 Reasons To Smile Now|Michigan Cosmetic Dentist

added on: February 3, 2010

5 Great Reasons To Smile1.    A smile can help lower your blood pressure. Don’t believe it? Try it next time you take your blood pressure.2.    Smiling can help boost your immune system. Smiling reduces stress, which causes your immune system to beef up.3.    When you smile you look younger. A smile can go much further than plastic surgery. Smile and watch the age fade away.4.    Smiles make us more attractive. When you smile you attract more positive energy.5.    Smiles are FREE. Not much in this world is truly free but you can improve your quality of life by just remembering to smile.If your teeth are giving you a reason to not smile contact an experienced and knowledgable dentist team like the team at Ban R. Barbat DDS, Michigan Cosmetic Dentist.

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